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Sebastian’s 4th birthday

I always really enjoy planning my kids birthday parties.  I usually plan for months.  I barely got this party put together in time but thankfully my parents were in town to help with all the details! 4 years ago (on the 9th) we were in the hospital with a newborn and the winter olympics had […]

Sebastian is 4

I have a four year old.  Those words are pretty hard to believe.  3 still feels like a baby.  4 feels old.  He’s tall and skinny.  His shorter hair cut and that light weight hoodie I bought him the other day just makes him look so grown up. I’m not going to lie.  This past […]

Valentine’s Day Fun

We are absolutely loving California and I’m glad we moved out here.  That being said, I really miss our friends from back home and my heart breaks a little every time Sebastian talks about them.  To try and make myself (ourselves) feel better, I decided we’d send Valentines to some of our friends and we’ve already […]

Sebastian is 3!

Sebastian is 3 years old!  Does that mean he’s not a toddler anymore?  He definitely doesn’t seem like a toddler anymore, I guess he’s a preschooler now?  Phew, this year certainly has been a whirlwind! This was the year where he started developing some really close friendships (we were so sad to move him away […]

Sebastian’s big boy camping room!

Sebastian was evicted from the nursery a couple months ago because soon a new little tenant is moving in.  That meant this summer was time to create Sebastian a big boy room.  I went through several themes in my head and finally decided on a camping themed room.  We’ve only gone camping twice as a […]

Pumpkin Patch 2016

This year, I was talking with a friend and we decided to meet at a little pumpkin stand that had several little props put out for pictures.  The plan was to bring our cameras and take pictures of each others families.  To get Matt a little more on board for the picture taking, I told […]