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5 on Friday {Island Life}

Hello!  Happy Friday!  This is the third night in a row my baby has slept through the night, so I’m feeling good and got up early.  I’m getting some ‘me time’ to drink my tea and write a Friday blog post!   1.  I was driving around my Island yesterday trying to get my kids […]

Early to Rise {5 on Friday}

I can’t get back to sleep for some reason so I finally got up and put water on to boil for some tea and you guys will actually get a five on Friday post today!  I’m going to be regretting only getting 5 hours of sleep later but at least it’s Friday!  It also feels […]

New Years Goals 2017

Happy New Year to all!  2017 is going to be a crazy year for my little family.  I’m enjoying hanging out in Indiana for a little while, but will be happy to join Matt in Alameda, CA the middle of this month and start our lives out there.  For the first Friday of the New […]

Beach tips {Five on Friday}

If you missed it, I posted about our beach trip for Labor day weekend yesterday.  Today I’m going to share with you 5 tips I found useful for a short weekend with kids.  I’m also going to apply these for next time we make it to the mountains.   1. Prepare as much food ahead […]

Five on Friday

1.  Announcement In case you missed it, I announced on Monday that baby # 2 is on his/her way!  Due December 12th.  We couldn’t be more excited about this and the fact that I’m finally feeling better is such a relief.  Of course next up is heart burn, and being uncomfortable…but I can’t wait to […]

Life Lately {5 on Friday}

This spring has been pretty busy and my blog has taken a back seat to the craziness.  Things on the blog should be picking up in the next few weeks as I will have a lot more to share (and summer break is 3 weeks away!)  Here are a few things that has been going […]

5 on Friday {Happy Things}

Today I’m linking up for my 5 on Friday to tell you the 5 things that have been making me happy lately.   1. New Rug! I ordered this rug a month ago and we finally got to pick it up last week.  I am completely in love.  I love the way it feels on […]

Stomach Bug {5 on Friday}

I am so glad it’s Friday.  You’d think since I had two days off work this week, I wouldn’t be needing Friday so bad, but staying home with a sick, fussy child just may be more exhausting then going to work.   1. Blog links ups So I’ve been reading mommy blogs for a long […]

Quick trip to Indy {5 on Friday}

1. Home sweet 1st home Today we are heading to Indiana to get our house we own there ready for renters.  When I moved to North Carolina 6 years ago, we started renting out our house.  It’s in a great neighborhood for 20 something professionals just out of college.  We decided to keep it and […]

Hurry up Spring! {5 on Friday}

  1.  Spring Fever It’s only February, but I’ve been having some major spring fever.  Luckily I live in NC and spring actually is just around the corner.  We’ve had a couple 60+ degree days lately and that’s been making me want spring even more.  I’m so ready for it to get warm and stay […]