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With school starting for me tomorrow (1st teacher workday), I thought I give a recap of this summer.  I had planned to do weekly posts of all the things we did this summer, but that just didn’t happen.  Instead I’m just going to do one giant post of most of the things we did this summer so I can remember how awesome this summer was.


This has definitely been my favorite summer yet.  Sebastian is at a really fun age and we did so many fun outings with friends and went to so many fun places.  I didn’t take pictures of every single thing we did, but I did get a lot of them.  All these were taken with my iphone (with the exception of a few professional shoots, my big camera got pretty dusty this summer).

Our annual “First day of summer donut date”



We met Aunt Jennifer in Greensboro for her work conference and had fun riding the elevator up and down. summer2

We spent many evenings and days at the local pool.summer3

Fire truck day at the transportation museum for Father’s Day.summer4

Went out to lunch and to an aquarium with our friends Michelle and Macey. summer5  summer6

We went to see Sebastian’s first movie: Home.  We also saw Turbo, Minions, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and The Lego Movie.  These were all free movies at our local theater.  summer7  summer8

Chick-fil-a dates after some of the movies.  The boys couldn’t get enough of sweet Annie.summer9

Lot’s of fun playing on his new swing set.summer10

We went to Sebastian’s friends 3rd birthday party.
summer12  summer13

Family ice cream date. summer14

The kids played at the museum while mommy helped work on a book project.summer15

Next was our trip to Indiana for the Fourth of July.  We went sailing.summer16  summer17  summer18  summer19  summer20.5  summer20

2 years ago on fourth of July and this year.summer21

We met some family at a park for a play date.summer23 

Great Grandparents are the best! summer25

Sebastian made fast friends with sweet Aria. summer26  summer27

We discovered this awesome play place right by my parents house.  This will be a great indoor place to play on trips home!summer28

summer22 summer29

We played with lots of mommy’s old toys.summer30

Sebastian and mommy lunch date at Noodles and Company, mmm.


My mom and I took Sebastian for a little ride on my parents kayak.summer32

Back home in NC…more pool time! summer33  summer34  summer35

We made some play dough.summer36

Went to pick blueberries two times.summer37

We went to a cookout with friends on Lake Norman.summer38

These two have an absolute blast together! summer39

Some front yard pool and sprinkler time.summer40

Making cookies!summer41

Playing “lawn mower” with daddy.  Basically following daddy around on the lawn mower.  (Daddy’s not actually mowing the lawn).summer42

Building towers (and knocking them over) on a rainy day.summer43

Park, splash pad and train ride with friends!summer44

We painted (and set up) Sebastian’s big boy room.  More to come on that soon!


We picked and ate food from the garden. summer46

Played like crazy at Hickory Dickory Dock with friends.summer47

Playing with trains (and all kinds of other things) at Discovery Place Kids.summer48

Good friends came over for dinner.  The kids played like crazy in the backyard.


Went for a family hike, but it was cut really short because someone wanted to be carried the whole way.summer50

More water table fun.


Story time with the two Cliffords.  (Not sure how we ended up with two of them).summer52

Another playdate at Discovery Place Kids.


More pool time!

Checking out and having a blast at Safari Nation.summer55

Cookout at Sebastian’s best friends house.summer56

Aunt Christie and Michael came to visit!

summer58  summer59


Woah, that was a lot of photos.  Thanks for bearing with me until the end.  I probably should have made this into 2 or 3 posts.  It really was a great and busy summer.  I wish we could do it all over again!


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I met Brett and Stevie on a hot evening in NC.  Luckily they choose to have the shoot right by a lake which offered a little bit of a breeze.



These two are seriously two of the best looking people I have ever photographed!

Brett&Stevie3 Brett&Stevie4  Brett&Stevie5

Stevie, your hair is just gorgeous! Brett&Stevie6

My favorite.Brett&Stevie7

Loving the light!

Brett&Stevie8 Brett&Stevie9 Brett&Stevie10 Brett&Stevie11 Brett&Stevie12 Brett&Stevie13 Brett&Stevie14

Thank you so much for letting my spend the evening photographing you guys.  Good luck with your wedding in HAWAII!

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Every year my mother-in-law rents a cabin of some sort for a long weekend somewhere in the states.  We’ve gone to the Indiana Dunes, Chicago, Colorado, Minnesota 2x, Tennessee and this year was Utah.


I love spending time with this family!  There are 10 adults, (always someone to hang out with and talk to).  So far there are two kids and two more on the way. Sebastian was smitten with his 10 month old cousin Penelope.


Love this face and crazy hairdo. Utah03  Utah04

“So Penelope, this is what life is like…” Sebastian

View from behind our cabin.Utah11

I was really excited to take Sebastian to a rock shop!  He loved looking at all the “pretty rocks”.  Pop pop (my geologist dad) would be proud!Utah12

He got to pick out his very own bag of rocks.  He loves playing with these.

Playing Spike ball with his Aunts and Uncles. Utah16  Utah18

One of the days we were there we went hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park.  It was beyond beautiful.  I just wish I could have enjoyed it more. I was too focused on Sebastian (and making sure he didn’t fall off a cliff) to really take in the views.  I guess that’s what being a mom is.  Not sure how my mom did it with 3 little ones and all the adventures we went on.Utah20  

Just gorgeous!Utah22  Utah23

It was a really hot day and Sebastian was such a trooper!Utah24  Utah25

Stopped for a snack and a break at the bottom of the canyon.


The whole crew plus two babies in bellies.Utah31  Utah32  Utah33

Yeah, Sebastian was done.  Good thing we were back at the top!  (20 weeks pregnant with baby boy)Utah34  Utah35  Utah38  Utah40

Back at the cabin Sebastian was loving on Penelope again.Utah43
Utah45  Utah47

I am so very thankful for these awesome trips, but most importantly all the quality time we get to spend with family.  Can’t wait until there are many more little ones running around in the next couple years!

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I found the idea on Pinterest to paint mountains on the wall in Sebastian’s big boy camping themed room.


Sebastian’s new room used to be our office and it desperately needed to be painted.  It was already painted white and since it’s so much easier to paint white on white, we decided to keep it white.


First we had to pick which walls to paint the mountain mural on.  I knew I wanted it to go over two walls to add dimension, but I also wanted it to go over his bed.  We chose the two walls that had the two largest spaces without a window or closet door and it is also the wall you see first when you walk in the room.


Next we taped out the mountains.  We started with the 3 peaks in the front first.  It took two of us to tape them down and a few times of stepping back to look at it.  Then we added the next row of peaks and then the last row.  We just eyeballed it all.  No measuring to it.


Once we had it all taped up and were happy with it, we started painting.  Luckily we had 3 different colors of greyish paint left over from other rooms in the house so we didn’t have to buy any paint.  I was a little worried the shades of paint wouldn’t quite match, but not worried enough to go out and buy new paint.


Even Sebastian joined in on a little of the painting.


We had to do a few coats, especially on the dark grey. It drives me crazy when you can see little white dots all over the paint.  Next we waited until it was all completely dry.  This was the hard part for me, I’m not very patient when it comes to waiting.  When we pulled off all the tape, we still had gaps in the paint from where the tape was.


We had to tape little sections so we could work on filling in the gaps.

IMG_3150 IMG_3152

We continued to tape and paint until all the gaps were filled it.


Finally we were almost done and could add the snow caped mountains.  Since we decided to paint the background wall white, we had to put the snow caps on the middle mountains.  They would have blended in with the wall if we had done it on any other mountains.



And the finished product.  I’m pretty giddy about how this turned out.

FullSizeRender 2


Sebastian keeps telling us that this is the best room ever.  I definitely think it’s going to be, especially once we have everything finished. Our next step is to make a DIY twin bed.  After we are finished with the bed, we can finally move all the furniture where we want it and start decorating.  I’ve been gathering camping themed things to go into his room for the last couple months and I can’t wait to finally put it all together!




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I’m linking up with September Farm and The Farmers Wife for this weeks 5 on Friday! It’s been a while since I participated in a link-up.

Potty training is in full swing here at the Allex house.  Sebastian is almost 2 and a half and it’s starting to look like I may actually be able to get a few months of no diapers before baby comes in December!  Here are my 5 things so on potty training so far.


1.  We started this spring and it’s been a pretty long, slow process.  I did the 3 day potty training boot camp over spring break where we went cold turkey and only put underwear on him.  He started off doing great the first day and it went downhill from there.  After about a week of a lot of accidents and daycare starting to put pull-ups back on (and talking with my friend/pediatrician), we realized that he was just not quite ready yet.  I feel like that gave us a good foundation and a good start though. Since then we have encouraged him peeing on the potty whenever possible but didn’t push it.


2.  The last couple week when we are at home, we let Sebastian run around with no bottoms on and he’s been going on the potty every time.  When we go out or he’s sleeping we put a pull-up on him.  We’ve been making a big deal out of it when he does and rewarding him with treats.


3.  This kid loves his treats.  The more he goes, the more we have to scale back what we’ve been giving him.  We started giving him (a little bit of) ice cream for pooping on the potty.  Ice cream was a huge motivator for him.  Now that he poops 2-3 times a day on the potty, we are going to have to star giving him something smaller.


.4  My baby boy lied to me.  We were in the living room about 30 minutes after Sebastian got a treat for peeing on the potty.  Little sneaky man went into the bathroom and flushed the toilet, came out and ask for a treat.  I asked him if he peed and he said yes.  I went into the bathroom and saw his potty was completely put together and shut (you have to take it apart to dump the pee in the toilet).  It’s pretty unlikely he actually peed because of this and when he does pee, he’s so proud of himself he shows us.  Needless to say, he didn’t get a treat.


5.  Where to go from here.  So it seems we have it down when he’s at home, with no bottoms on.  I think (I’m hoping) that means we are pretty close.  Our next step is to get him to continue to pee on the potty even when he is wearing underwear and then try it with underwear and shorts.  After that, I’ll start taking him on short trips where we pee before we go and on public toilets (he’s only done this a couple times).  I’m hoping to have this mostly accomplished by the time he goes back to daycare (My first teacher workday) on August 18th.


Wish us luck!

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It’s official, (as of Monday) I am halfway through this pregnancy!  It started out going very slow in the first trimester, but this second trimester is just flying by. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that it is summer and summer always flies by.


Weight Gain:  Probably somewhere around 20 pounds?? Not totally sure and not paying too close attention.  I only gained 30 total with Sebastian so hmmm.

Symptoms:  A tiny bit of heartburn, but nothing like I remember getting last time.  There’s still plenty of time for that though!

Cravings/Aversions: No specific cravings or aversions.  I just still really like food and a lot of it.

What I am missing:  Starting to miss sleeping on my stomach.  Can’t do that anymore.

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a banana.  Just over 10 ounces.

Sleep:  Well it’s still summer, so I’m getting plenty of sleep.  We’ll see how this goes once school starts up again.

Workouts: Nope, unless chasing after a 2 year old counts.

Clothing: All maternity except a few non maternity dresses and flowy shirts.

Gender: A sweet, sweet boy.  We were watching the ultrasound for less then 5 minutes when I spotted his you know what.  Baby boy wasn’t shy at all about letting us know.  It was a good thing I wanted to find out during the ultrasound! You can see the cute announcement I did here.

Sebastian’s Reactions:  Sebastian spent a long weekend with his 10 month old baby cousin.  Most of the time he did his own thing and didn’t pay a ton of attention to her, but when he did, it was super sweet.  Asking to hold her, giving her kisses and petting her head. I’m thinking it will be pretty similar once baby boy comes.

Best moment the past couple weeks: Finding out we are having a boy.  I had a pretty strong feeling it was a boy so I wasn’t surprised when I was right.  I’m so excited to watch Sebastian show his little brother the ropes and watch the brother bond between them as they grow.  So special!  I’m also pretty excited about all the money we are going to save.  Other then disposable items (diapers, wipes, shampoo, etc), we are set!

Looking Forward to:  Finishing Sebastian’s big boy room (at the painting stage right now) so I can pull out all the baby stuff again.  Can’t wait to start going through it all.  It’s going to look so tiny!  I especially can’t wait for this baby to get to wear all my favorite little outfits Sebastian wore.

Movements: I’ve been feeling the baby pretty consistently throughout the day but the most when I lay down in the evenings.

You can read the 13 week update here and 18 week update here.


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The big ultrasound was today and we found out the gender of our sweet little babe.  I’m going to let Sebastian tell you with pictures what we are having come December.


We are over the moon to add another boy to our little family.  I’m so excited to watch Sebastian teach this little guy the ropes.  I can’t wait to pull all of Sebastian’s cute little baby clothes out to use again.  He’s going to look so tiny compared to his big brother!

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In a few short months, Sebastian is going to be kicked out of the nursery so our new little bundle can move in.  That means I get to plan and put together a big boy room for him!  I’ve been brainstorming, pinning, working on a few projects and cleaning out the office (his new room).  I went through a few themes in my head and decided on a camping theme.  I mean, what would be better then a camping themed room for a little boy? Especially one who has a mom who grew up camping all the time and going to National Parks.  Sebastian has only been camping twice in his life, but that will definitely get changed the older the kids get.


1.  Happy Camper Free Printable.

I love this little vintage camper and and the saying is the cutest.


2. Felt fire pit

I want to make a little area in his room with chairs and a little fire pit.  My mom is thinking about taking on this project for me.


3. Mountain Mural

The room Sebastian’s moving into desperately needs to be painted.  I found a few pins of this cute mountain range painted on the wall. I’m hoping it will be pretty easy to do.


4. Birch tree curtains

My mom and I found these birch tree shower curtains at Bed Bath and Beyond for $20 a piece.  I bought some black out fabric for the back and when I was Indiana, I helped my mom whip these up one day while Sebastian was napping.  It was super easy and they turned out really cute.  I can’t wait to hang them up after the room gets painted.


5. Bunked Beds

We find out the gender of our sweet little baby next week and our plan for either girl or boy is to have the kids bunk up together.  We’ll wait until the baby is 2 or so and move them in together.  For now, we’ll just do the bottom bed and in a couple years add the top bunk.


6. ABC poster

This would be a really cute canvas print.  With all my other ideas for things on the wall, this may not go anywhere but we’ll see.


7. Pine tree blanket

This cute blanket will be perfect for his bed in the winter months.


8. Mountain shelf and bear family

I am so excited about this one.  I found the idea on Pinterest, had Matt draw it up for measurements on his computer design program, cut the wood, glued/nailed it together and stained it.  A few days later I went to Hobby Lobby and got a little carried away putting together the bear family.  This is definitely my favorite thing we’ve put together for his room so far.


9. Tree branch handles

We got an old dresser my parents had in their basement.  We may put these cute little wooden handles on it, or just leave it as is.  I’m not sure yet.  This is definitely at the bottom of a very long to do list so we’ll see.


10. Forest friends sheets

The sheets I really wanted were sold out, but these are a close second.  They just came in yesterday and look even cuter in person!


11. Camping wall free printables

I love these little printables.  I’ve already printed 4 out and put them in some old frames.  I can’t wait to find a spot to hang them!


Hopefully Sebastian’s room will be put together (for the most part) by the end of the summer.  That way we can move him in and give him several months to adjust.  He is already sleeping in a big bed (the guest bed in the nursery).  Surprisingly that transition was super easy as one night he asked to sleep in it, we let him and he’s been sleeping there every since.  Once we get Sebastian and all his stuff moved, we can start unpacking the baby stuff!  I’m excited to get to pull all that out again.

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Weight Gain:  16 pounds as of my last appointment.  Not totally sure, but feel like I’m gaining more weight faster this time around.

Symptoms:  Morning sickness is gone!! Hurray!  Also the exhaustion is much better.  That’s probably because it’s summer though and I’m getting a lot more sleep then during the school year.  Starting to get a few small aches and pains here and there though.

Cravings/Aversions: No specific cravings or aversions.  I just really like food and a lot of it.  (see the weight gain) 

What I am missing:  Not missing too much right now.  The second trimester is the best time of pregnancy!

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a sweet potato.  About 5 and a half inches long and 7 ounces.  Grow baby grow!

Sleep:  Sleep is going pretty well.  I get up once or twice to pee.  I can still halfway sleep on my stomach but won’t be able to do that for long.

Workouts: Nope, unless chasing after a 2 year old counts.

Clothing: Started wearing mostly maternity clothes now.  They are just so much more comfy, even though maternity jean shorts are pretty hideous.  Luckily my shirts are long enough and cover them up.

Gender: We are finding out next week.  I can’t wait!!  I’m trying to figure out some cute little gender announcement.

Sebastian’s Reactions: Sebastian has become a bit baby crazy lately.  It’s just adorable.  He loves seeing babies and always asks to touch them.  He’s so gentle and sweet with them.  He’s going to be such a great big brother!

Best Moment This Week: Spending one on one time with Sebastian.  I love summer!  We also had a great time last week visiting my parents.  I just love watching the relationship between Sebastian and my parents, so special.

Looking Forward to:  Finding out the gender.  I’ve been counting down the days for weeks now.  We are also working on Sebastian’s big boy room.  My nesting is about to start in full force on his room.  I can’t wait to share everything we’ve been planning.  Once we have all of Sebastian’s things his new room, I can start pulling out all the baby stuff.

Movements: I started feeling baby move around week 15 or 16.  This is my favorite part of pregnancy!  My mom got to hear a kick when she was trying to hear the heartbeat with her stethoscope.  Little baby kicked her stethoscope.  Hopefully Matt and Sebastian will be able to feel kicks soon.

You can read the 13 week update here.


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So I thought once summer came, I’d have a lot more time to update the blog.  Turns out my first two weeks of summer have been so incredibly busy, I haven’t even time to stop and think.  Not that I’m complaining though.  I love staying busy in the summers!

We kicked off our summer with a first day of summer donut date (then a play date at the park with friends).  We are keeping up this tradition we started last year.


This was the first day of summer/last day of summer last year.

We’ve already spent several evenings at the pool.  The best time to go is from 6-8.  The heat isn’t so bad and daddy gets to come with us.  It’s also a lot less crowded.


Sebastian has been such a fish this summer and loves going down that slide you see in this picture (on the left).  He also loves running through the spraying water.IMG_2208

For Father’s Day (the Saturday before), Sebastian and I surprised Matt with a trip to the transportation museum for their Fire Truck day.  The outing was a huge success.  We got there early so it wasn’t too crowded (the ticket line was so long when we left).  The weather was perfect and the toddler was in great spirits the whole day.  I may have to say that this was our most successful family outing yet.

IMG_2222  FullSizeRender 2 20160618_093816 copy

I may have already put a train table on Sebastian’s Christmas list.  He loved playing with this!


On Father’s day, we spent an afternoon and evening at a friends house.  Sebastian goes to daycare with this sweet little girl and I have never seen him play so well with another kid.  They ran around like crazy and had so much fun playing.  The adults really enjoyed relaxing, watching them and getting some adult time.  When I told the lady’s at daycare, she said, oh yeah, they are best friends.  I love that he has someone he gets along with so well!


The best part was when Sebastian spilled milk all over himself and had to wear one of Sarah’s outfits.  This will definitely be going in a future wedding slideshow.


We were invited by some friends to go out to lunch and then visit an aquarium.  I put Sebastian’s shark shirt and fish bone shorts on just for the occasion.  He enjoyed the aquarium, especially the sharks.


Our town has free kid movies on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings so I met up with some friends and took Sebastian to his first ever movie in the theater.  We saw the Pixar movie Home.  It was super cute and Sebastian did great.  I can’t wait to go to more movies this summer.

IMG_2267 copy

After the movie, we took the kiddos out to lunch.  These boys are completely smitten with this sweet little baby.  They kept giving her hugs and touching her legs and feet and arms.

I also finally had one full morning where Sebastian played so well all morning independently and I was finally able to get some deeper cleaning done.  I also was finally able to go through the three bags/boxes of maternity clothes cluttering up our bedroom.  I cleaned all the winter clothes out of my closet and filled it with maternity stuff.  Now I just need to get big enough to warrant starting to wear them! I’m still in that awkward slightly chubby phase and unfortunately I don’t have many flowy, non-maternity clothes.  I can still fit into my regular t-shirts, but they are a bit tight and show every little non-baby looking bump.  Apparently I like wearing tight clothing.


I have so many more fun things planned for this summer and I will also be working on Sebastian’s big boy room so stayed tuned!

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