Valentine’s Day Fun

We are absolutely loving California and I’m glad we moved out here.  That being said, I really miss our friends from back home and my heart breaks a little every time Sebastian talks about them.  To try and make myself (ourselves) feel better, I decided we’d send Valentines to some of our friends and we’ve already gotten a couple back in return.  Sebastian loves checking the mail and it’s so exciting when we get some mail for him.  With his party prep and family in town last week, we couldn’t get them done until the day before Valentines Day so sorry that they are a little late and I hope your kids like raisins!  I figured it was clever since we live in California and they are California raisins.  Next time I should send home bottles of wine from California…

FullSizeRender (1)

Sebastian (and Oliver) helping out.FullSizeRender (2)  FullSizeRender

Walking to the post office.  I absolutely love being able to walk everywhere!  Wearing his new paw patrol watch from my mom (for his birthday).
FullSizeRender (3)

This is not the best picture, but the only one I took while at the post office.  Sebastian helping stuff the envelopes.IMG_8440

Miss you guys all so much and hope you enjoy getting a little bit of fun mail from us.  Click here for the link to the printouts.  Pinterest for the win once again!


On Valentines Day we had friends over to make cookies and Valentines.  I only got one picture because after I took it, the storage ran out on my phone and trying to make cookies with a toddler, while tending to a fussy baby makes you feel like you ran a marathon.  Sawyer and I may have taken a nap on the couch that afternoon during Sebastian’s nap.


Valentines night Matt brought home pizza for dinner and we made chocolate covered strawberries (one of my favorite things).  Sawyer has finally been going to sleep earlier (used to be midnight or later), so I was out like a light by 10pm. It’s been a fun week so far!


Sebastian’s 3rd Birthday Party

I have been planning to do a dinosaur theme for Sebastian’s birthday this year since the day after his second birthday.  I know, I’m a bit crazy, but I love planning and creating parties for my boy.  I’m already looking for themes for Sawyer’s 1st birthday in December, any ideas??


This year at first I was kind of sad that we wouldn’t be doing his party in NC with all of his friends, but we had some family and one friend we’ve met in CA and it was perfect.  I didn’t do as many decorations as I usually do, but the ones I had were perfect as well.


I am not a great baker as I don’t have a lot of experience so I was nervous to make his cake by myself.  I’m pretty proud of how it turned out!

These dinosaur balloons were a big hit.



I was maybe just a little too excited over these tiny dinosaur party hats.

That smile gets me every single time.  Love my sweet boy so much!





That’s a photoshopped picture of Sebastian running away from a dinosaur on the left.

His reaction when he saw the yellow Lamborghini from Aunt Jennie and Uncle Peter.


Love that little Sawyer is watching in the background.









Sebastian is 3!

Sebastian is 3 years old!  Does that mean he’s not a toddler anymore?  He definitely doesn’t seem like a toddler anymore, I guess he’s a preschooler now?  Phew, this year certainly has been a whirlwind!

This was the year where he started developing some really close friendships (we were so sad to move him away from his besties Sarah and Parker!)  We’ve already met a friend in California so I’m looking forward to seeing that relationship grow.

This was the year where Sebastian has taken on his greatest role yet as big brother.  It’s so amazing how much he completely loves and adores Sawyer.  The transition has gone incredibly smooth.  I can’t wait until Sawyer is old enough for them to start playing together.  I’m pretty sure Sebastian can’t wait either.

This was the year Sebastian was potty trained at around 2 and a half.  He was mostly potty trained by the end of the summer when he went back to daycare.  After doing amazing for months, he has regressed a bit (having accidents) after the big move and Sawyer coming which pretty much happened simultaneously.  Now that we are finally getting settled in California, he’s stopped having accidents.

This was also the year of the terrible two’s which started around 2 and a half and finally seem to be subsiding…a little.  Let’s just say there was a lot of whining and screaming…also a few tantrums here and there.

Sebastian knows his shapes and colors and how to count.  Now that I will be home with him all day, we are going to start working on learning his letters and numbers.   He’s great with a screw driver and loves helping daddy fix things.  He’s very inquisitive and has entered into the “why” phase.  He’s been getting really good at doing puzzles.  His favorite toys are his cars..always the cars.  He would play with those things all day every day if it were up to him.

This year I get to stay home with Sebastian (and Sawyer).  I plan to frequently walk to the park and to the beach with them and get together with friends as much as possible.  We are turning in an application for a co-op preschool for the fall and hope we get in.  Until then, I’m going to do a home preschool with him.  Sebastian has been getting really good at riding his strider bike and about gives me a heart attack every time he picks up his feet and puts them on the feet rest of the bike.  He has such great balance and coordination, I’m excited to get him into soccer this spring.  We just had his well check yesterday and he weighed 24 pounds and is 3 feet 2 inches tall.

Sebastian is still daddy’s boy and follows him around like his little shadow.  Their relationship is so fun to watch and Matt really is the best daddy on the planet.





I can’t believe another year has passed and that I have been a mommy for 3 years now.  It’s definitely been the most challenging, but the most fun 3 years of my life!

Sebastian 2 years

Sebastian 1 year



Sawyer 2 months



This month was a big month for our family.  With the help of Aunt Christie, we drove 33 hours (4 days) from Indiana to California.  Sweet little Sawyer slept the entire way and did amazing at night in the hotels.  He’s already shaping up to be a ‘go with the flow’ kind of kid just like his brother.  We reunited with daddy after being apart for 2 and a half weeks.


My babies seem to grow faster then most babies and Sawyer even more so then Sebastian (by a lot).  At 6 weeks old I had to pack up most of his 3 month clothes and start putting 6 months clothes on him.  We just recreated a photo of Sebastian in his Tigger sleeper and looking at the date I realized Sebastian was 6 months when he when he wore it and Sawyer is 4 months younger!  He’s also already in size 2 diapers.  I wonder how tall he will be as an adult!


With Sebastian, I went back to work at 9 weeks and am so happy I get to stay home with my guys!  Leaving Sebastian to go back to work was so hard and now I don’t have to leave them until hopefully kindergarten.  So far I have loved being a stay at home mom.


For me, the weight is coming off a lot slower then last time.  With Sebastian I was already down to pre-pregnancy weight by now.  I still have about 15 pounds on me and nursing makes me so hungry so I’ve been eating a lot.  I’m sure all the walking I’m doing in the city and caring for two boys, the weight will come off eventually.  No rush, we are all healthy and that’s all that matters right now.


Stats:  14 pounds 1 ounce 24 3/4 inches long.  Big boy!!

Likes:  Looking at mommy, playing with daddy, playing on his play mat, sitting in his swing, going for walks in the carrier

Dislikes:  I can’t really think of anything he doesn’t like.

Nicknames:  “little brudder” (how Sebastian says brother), “Soy Sauce”, “Little man”

Firsts: First trip to California and San Francisco.  First time staying in a hotel.  Met Aunt Christie, Aunt Jennie, Uncle Peter and cousin Adelaide.

Milestones: Smiling (first social smile 4 weeks 1 day), hitting toys on the play mat, cooing, tracking

Sleep: Sawyer goes to sleep anytime between 10:30-12:00 and sleeps for about 6-7 hours, wakes up to eat and goes back to sleep for a couple hours.


Here’s a flash back to Sebastian at 2 months.

New Years Goals 2017

Happy New Year to all!  2017 is going to be a crazy year for my little family.  I’m enjoying hanging out in Indiana for a little while, but will be happy to join Matt in Alameda, CA the middle of this month and start our lives out there.  For the first Friday of the New Year I’m writing up 5 goals I want to follow this year.


1. Lose the baby weight

I have about 15 extra pounds on me from being pregnant with Sawyer.  I keep telling myself that ‘I just had a baby’ 2 weeks ago, 3 weeks ago and now 4 weeks ago so the extra weight is no big deal and to be expected.  I’m not planning on dieting as I am breast feeding, but I would like to still try to lose it by summer.  (We will be a 20 minute walk from a beach).  My plan is to eat healthy, walk a lot more (should be easy in a big city) and continue feeding my baby. Hopefully the combination of those 3 things will do it for me…it would be nice to have most of my clothes fit me again.

2. Learn to live with less

I spent a great deal of time in 2016 learning to be happy with my “small” 1500 square foot house in NC.  I was nervous about the small space bringing another member into the household. I did a lot of organizing, made a big boy room for Sebastian and got the nursery ready for a new baby.  Towards the end of the year I was content to live in that house for at least 5 more years.  Then came Matt’s job offer and the decision to move.  While packing we purged as many things we felt we could part with at the time. We’ve spent the last few weeks looking at houses in Alameda Island (where Matt’s work is) and in Oakland (just north of Alameda).  Matt just signed a lease for a 1st story apartment (with a tiny backyard) with (gulp) 950 square feet.  That includes a small kitchen, 2 bedrooms and 1 and a half bath and a living room.  My goal is to purge even more and learn to live with the bare minimum that a family of 4 needs.

3.  Be patient

With the decision to move came the ability for me to get to be a stay at home mom.  I am really excited about getting to do this especially in a big city that has pretty great weather year round.  Sebastian is at a tough stage and requires a lot of patience.  Since I’ll be home with him all day every day, my goal is to make sure I don’t lose my cool.  I don’t want to become one of those moms who yells a lot (or at all) at my kids.  Sawyer also seems to be a bit more needy then Sebastian was and requires a lot more holding and bouncing.  This will be frustrating for me because I’ll be anxious to get work done (unpacking, cleaning, etc.) and Sawyer is going to make it tough to do all that for a while.  I need to learn to be patient with the housework and just enjoy my baby.

4. Get out and make new friends

My goal is to get out of the house at least 3 times during the week.  There is a park that’s about a 15 minute walk from the apartment.  The beach is a 20 minute walk.  A street with a lot of shops and restaurants is two blocks away.  Knowing me I’ll get super stir crazy (especially living in that small of an apartment) so getting out of the house will be a necessity.  It will be a little trickier with two kids, but it will be easy to put Sawyer in a carrier and hopefully I can get Sebastian to start riding in a stroller again.  It’s been a while since I’ve needed to put him in one but the city makes me nervous.  Hopefully getting out of the house will allow us to meet some new friends pretty quickly.  I’m a very social person so it shouldn’t be too hard to strike up a conversation and make friends with a mom at a park.

5.  Family time

Matt spent the three weeks he had off after Sawyer was born, flying to CA for a job interview, discussing whether we wanted to move or not (with many tears on my part), and finally packing like crazy.  I feel like we didn’t have time to just enjoy our new baby and our family.  Matt now has twice as much vacation time at this new job.  I want to make sure that this year, we spend at least a week off doing nothing but family things.  Relaxing, taking day trips, exploring the city and just spending a ton of time together.  I’m not worried about a big trip or time away from the kids (that’s hard with a baby and can be a goal for next year).  Of course weekends will also be dedicated to our family as well.


Hat’s off to a new year!  It’s definitely going to be our best, most exciting one yet!

Sawyer 1 month


I’d have to say that this last month has been the craziest (and fastest) month of our lives.  If it isn’t enough to add a second child to the family, but let’s also pack an entire house to move across the country.  So far Sawyer seems to be a little bit fussier then Sebastian was, but Sebastian was the world’s easiest baby so it’s not very fair to compare.  Sawyer likes to be held all day long and if you lay him down, he usually cries within a few minutes.  Now I would love to do nothing but hold and cuddle my baby all day, but the whole packing an entire house and moving across the country with a newborn makes that a bit tough.


Stats:  11 pounds 12 ounces

Likes: Being held, eating, mommy, bath time

Dislikes: Being gassy, being smothered (with love) by his brother

Nicknames:  “Little bit”, “little brudder” (how Sebastian says brother), “little big man”

Firsts: First trip to Indiana, celebrated his first Christmas, he’s met 4 out of 6 grandparents and will meet the last set once we get out to California

Milestones: At around 2 weeks, he started focusing on faces.  He’s also slept for a stretch of 6 hours at night once or twice.

Sleep:  He’s started a bit of a schedule.  He will usually go down around 11:30, then wake up to eat around 4:30 or so and then wake up again around 7:30 to eat again and then go back to sleep until about 9:30.  There have been a few nights though where he was up until 1 or 2.  I’ve felt well rested pretty much every day since he was born.  Not sure how, but it’s been easier with the second kid??


I knew that as soon as Sawyer was born that Matt and I would be completely head over heels for our new baby.  That love happens instantaneously.  What I didn’t realize was that Sebastian would feel the exact same way.  I’m not sure why, but I expected it to take time for him to warm up to a new baby and develop the love over time.  As soon as Sebastian laid eyes on Sawyer, he was completely smitten.  He loves going up to his baby ‘brudder’ and saying “hi Sawyer” and then proceeds to kiss and touch and pet and love on him for a few minutes.  He does this a zillion times a day.  It’s incredibly cute but can get annoying when I’m nursing or Sawyer is sleeping and gets woken up.


Sebastian’s 1 month post


The Allex family’s greatest adventure

I suppose it’s time to tell the world our huge news.  Matt accepted a job in California….like basically right after our baby was born.  Talk about a crazy time in our life, Sawyer is almost 1 month old and we have already packed up our entire house and headed to Indiana. The kids and I are hanging out here with my parents for a couple weeks until Matt can find us a place to live. He found a great job as an engineer at a company called Wrightspeed and I get to be a stay at home mommy! We will be living across the bay from San Francisco in either Oakland or on Alameda Island.  We will be about 20-30 minutes away from Matt’s brother and his family.  We currently have an application in at (a tiny) apartment on Alameda Island.  Part of me is hoping we get it and part of me is hoping we don’t and will find something a little bit bigger.  After 7 years of living in North Carolina, it was finally starting to feel like home so I am definitely so sad to leave. We’ve made some great friendships there and I’m heart broken but really excited for new adventures.  Sorry if we didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.  We basically packed up and left within two weeks of making the decision to move.


I’ll try to keep up my blog as best I can and share all of our adventures with you.  I can’t wait to take my boys to the red wood forest and all of the National Parks near by.  I’m also excited for the parks, beaches and all the things to do with kids that a big city offers.  I still can’t quite believe we are actually doing this!  I hope California is ready for the Allex clan!

Sawyer’s Birth Story

Sawyer James was born on Sunday, December 4th (8 days before his due date).  I thought since he was my second baby, my labor would be shorter then the first but nope.  With Sebastian I labored about 34 hours and with Sawyer, it was 36 hours.  It was crazy how similar both my labors were.  They both started on a Friday afternoon/evening and both ended on a Sunday morning.



I started having contractions around 6:30pm on Friday evening.  I’ve had contractions on and off for a couple hours each the past couple months so it wasn’t unusual to have them.  Something must have tipped me off pretty early because at 7:15 I texted my mom telling her I had 7 to 8 consistent contractions that were more intense then the ones I had pre-labor.  Matt and I started walking around the house finishing things up just in case.  He packed his hospital bag, I repacked Sawyers bag, took a long bath and honestly can’t remember what else.  We went to bed and I laid there awake contracting all night.  I texted my mom and sister at 7am to let them know I was still having contractions but they hadn’t changed in intensity.  My mom finished packing up and started her 9 hour drive.  Matt and I hung out at the house all day Saturday and I either laid in bed or laid on the couch the entire day.  I really didn’t feel like going for a walk or doing anything.  Around 5:00 that evening Matt and Sebastian went out to a dinner we were invited to and I stayed and waited for my mom to get here about 6.  At that point I knew we still had a while because the contractions still hadn’t gotten more intense.  When Matt and Sebastian got home, I laid on the couch opening ornaments while they decorated our tree (something we still hadn’t gotten around to).  After Sebastian went to bed I started bouncing on an exercise ball to try to get things to go a little faster and at that point things were finally starting to pick up a little.  We talked to my sister and she decided to start her 3 hour drive to get here to watch Sebastian so my mom could come to the hospital with us.  Around 1:00 am we decided that the contractions were strong enough that it was time to go to the hospital.


Once we got to the hospital they took me up to triage where I was monitored for about an hour an a half.  When I first got there I was 3-4cm and fully effaced.  They kept me (I was not happy) in triage for about an hour and a half before they would admit me.  Matt and I watched the contractions get more and more intense on the monitor and I wasn’t handling the contractions very well.  I knew exactly how bad it was going to get (and had already started getting bad) and I wanted nothing more to be admitted and get my epidural.  I did not want to go through all the pain I went with Sebastian again.


They finally admitted me around 3:00am and slowly (at least it felt super slow) got my iv started (after blowing out one vein), got my blood drawn then started my epidural.  I was so relieved to finally have it and finally started to relax.  We all sat around, listened to Sawyers heart beat and waited.  Matt fell asleep on the couch and my mom and I started dozing off until Sawyer’s heart rate dipped on the monitor during a contraction.  The nurse said something about a cord and came to move my position.  My mom and I perked up and started watching the monitor a lot closer.  It happened again with another contraction and the nurse told me that the cord was probably wrapped around Sawyers neck and every time it happened, we’d move my position in bed and his heart rate would go back to normal.  It scared me a little, but since my mom and the nurse were so calm about it, I stayed calm.

This is after I was admitted (which is why I look happy) but before I got hooked up to everything.


Around 6am the doctor (who delivered Sebastian) came back in, checked me and said I was dilated to 9cm and it would be time to finally push in about 30 minutes!  I was so ready to meet Sawyer.  About 30 minutes later, we woke Matt up, they started bringing in the baby warmer and scales and setting everything up. They got the bed ready and me in position and waited for the next contraction.  I hit my epidural button just in case and began pushing as hard as I could. Oh man, even with the epidural, it hurt! The doctor told me I could either wait until the next contraction to continue pushing or push him completely out with this one and with the amount of pressure I was feeling, and how long we had waited, I wanted him out right then.  I pushed and pushed through that contraction and he wiggled out.  A 9 pound 7 ounce baby in one contraction worth of pushing.  They delayed cutting the cord at my request so he could get extra iron and then put him on my chest and let me feed him and cuddle him for about an hour an a half before they took him to weigh him.  We knew he was going to weigh a lot (from the ultrasounds) and also from his cubby little body and cheeks.



My legs took a while for the epidural to wear off and my first trip to the bathroom didn’t go so well.  Apparently my left leg still wasn’t fully functioning and it gave out on me.  I caught myself and only ended up hitting (and bruising my back a little) but I scared the poor (new) nurse to death.  Matt slept through all of that as well as pretty much everything.  My sister came in for an hour and he had no idea.  The nurses came in and out.  Alarms for my iv bag went off, the phone rang.  Matt slept through it all.


sawyerbirth_024  sawyerbirth_019_1


sawyerbirth_016  img_9762_1 img_9727  img_9720

After Sebastian’s nap that afternoon, my mom and sister brought him in to meet his little brother for the first time.  He was so sweet and definitely excited. It’s crazy how much he loves this little guy too.

img_9730  img_9736

img_9738  img_9743  img_9759

Things have been going great since we’ve been home.  Sawyer is such an easy and sweet baby just like Sebastian was.  Sebastian just adores him and has been adjusting so well.  We finally feel like our family is complete.  We love our little Sawyer James so much!

Big Brother Hospital Bag

All the hospital bags are packed, the infant car seat is in the car, 22 freezer meals are made and ready to go, all the baby things are cleaned, put together and waiting, my sub plans at school are all finished.  I’ll be 39 weeks on Monday and plan to have my last bump update on the blog.  We are officially ready to welcome baby Sawyer into our family.  If he doesn’t come on his own by Thursday, I am being induced.  Kinda hope he stays in until then, but also kinda want him now.


I knew I wanted something special for Sebastian when he came to the hospital to meet Sawyer.  My pregnant friend and I came up with the idea to make these big brother bags.  This will give him something to do when he comes to visit (so he can stay for a little while).


I bought the bag at Hobby Lobby, cut out the letters in felt and hot glued them on.


I bought all the goodies (except the big brother book) at the local dollar store.

This book I bought off Amazon.  I looked at a lot of big brother books and most of them were in board book form.  I knew I wanted a regular book.  I’m excited to read this to him in the hospital.

Sebastian is already talking about how Sawyer will be little, but grow bigger and bigger and bigger like him.

I love these little activity packs.  They have a little coloring book, crayons and stickers.

I’m including two little toys for Sebastian, he loves all things cars, motorcycles and planes.  He can use the rattle as a way to interact with Sawyer.fullsizerender-3

A finding Dory coloring book and crayons.


Finally some snacks and a few lollipops.

As long as there is not a flu ban at the hospital, Sebastian will hopefully be able to come once or twice.  I know I’ll be super anxious and excited for him to come.  I can’t wait to get a video of their meeting for the first time.  We have been talking to Sebastian about Sawyer for months now and I’m so excited it’s almost here!

Bits of Cheer Linkup

I am linking up today with some fellow bloggers to spread some holiday bits of cheer.  I had planned on sharing Christmas decorations/activities this month anyway so this is definitely a fun way to do it!  This link up is every Thursday this month so I’m going to try to make all of them (although next Thursday I’ll be in the hospital having a baby unless he comes earlier).  I may or may not have the post scheduled ahead of time.



My plan was to get all my Christmas decorations done Thanksgiving weekend.  My parents were in town and we had a Thanksgiving feast, cleaned all the baby things, cleaned and vacuumed out my car, made 20 freezer meals, got the Christmas tree as well as played with Sebastian and several other small things.  We however, did not do much decorating.  On Sunday night, Matt and I started stringing lights on our tree and realized that we are short a strand or two.  Matt ran out and bought non LED lights that did not match so we had to resort to ordering on Amazon.  To make a long story short, our tree has stood half lit all week and the lights don’t come until today.  The decorating will happen tonight or this weekend!


So instead of sharing decorations like I planned, I’ll share the tree hunting photos.  (It was really just a parking lot…after making freezer meals all day, no one felt like driving far to a Christmas tree farm).


This photo was taken right after we pointed out that Sebastian was walking around with his hands in his pocket just like daddy.  He was so proud, just look at the expression on his face!


Me and my 37+ week baby belly. I didn’t sleep well the night before, hence the tired eyes.img_5918

My little family.  Next year’s photo will look a bit different…we’ll have an almost 1 year old!


This kid adores his Nana and Pop Pop.  He talked about them coming all week and was so excited when they got to our house!

We did pull out this little fiber optics tree from the attic that Sebastian was pretty excited about.  We’ll probably put it in his room.  I can’t wait to finish decorating this weekend!