Bits of Cheer Linkup

I am linking up today with some fellow bloggers to spread some holiday bits of cheer.  I had planned on sharing Christmas decorations/activities this month anyway so this is definitely a fun way to do it!  This link up is every Thursday this month so I’m going to try to make all of them (although next Thursday I’ll be in the hospital having a baby unless he comes earlier).  I may or may not have the post scheduled ahead of time.



My plan was to get all my Christmas decorations done Thanksgiving weekend.  My parents were in town and we had a Thanksgiving feast, cleaned all the baby things, cleaned and vacuumed out my car, made 20 freezer meals, got the Christmas tree as well as played with Sebastian and several other small things.  We however, did not do much decorating.  On Sunday night, Matt and I started stringing lights on our tree and realized that we are short a strand or two.  Matt ran out and bought non LED lights that did not match so we had to resort to ordering on Amazon.  To make a long story short, our tree has stood half lit all week and the lights don’t come until today.  The decorating will happen tonight or this weekend!


So instead of sharing decorations like I planned, I’ll share the tree hunting photos.  (It was really just a parking lot…after making freezer meals all day, no one felt like driving far to a Christmas tree farm).


This photo was taken right after we pointed out that Sebastian was walking around with his hands in his pocket just like daddy.  He was so proud, just look at the expression on his face!


Me and my 37+ week baby belly. I didn’t sleep well the night before, hence the tired eyes.img_5918

My little family.  Next year’s photo will look a bit different…we’ll have an almost 1 year old!


This kid adores his Nana and Pop Pop.  He talked about them coming all week and was so excited when they got to our house!

We did pull out this little fiber optics tree from the attic that Sebastian was pretty excited about.  We’ll probably put it in his room.  I can’t wait to finish decorating this weekend!


Five on Friday {The countdown has begun)

I am in the final month of pregnancy and am doing this weeks five on Friday post about where I’m at and how things are going.


1. So close!

We are getting so close to baby time.  This coming Monday, I’ll be 37 weeks.  I have an ultrasound on Tuesday to see how big Sawyer is. That ultrasound will determine if I’m going to be induced at 39 weeks or just let him come naturally.  If he’s over the 90 percentile (like he was at my last ultrasound) I will be induced.  I have mixed feelings about being induced, but if it’s what the doctor suggests, then I’m on board.  My doctor’s appointment is on Wednesday and hopefully if I am being induced, we will get it scheduled and I’ll know when to expect him.  (Unless he comes earlier then 39 weeks on his own).


2. Preparations

Next week is Thanksgiving week, which means I have 5 days off of work to finish preparing for baby.  Some of the things on my list include, finish packing the hospital bags, install the car seat, raise the crib mattress, set up the pack ‘n’ play, wash bedroom curtains and make Sebastian a big brother bag for the hospital.  I’m anxious to get all this done and can’t wait for Thanksgiving weekend to be here.  Our plan is to stay in town, check everything off the list and make freezer meals in lieu of a big Thanksgiving feast.  I’m also planning on taking down fall decorations and putting up our Christmas tree and decorations.


3. Getting Nervous

About labor and about life with a toddler and a newborn.  Sebastian’s been going through a pretty rough phase lately…I may even have to say that it’s the roughest we’ve encountered with him so far in his short 2 and a half years.  I’m talking lots of whining, yelling, hitting and kicking when he wants something or is told no.  We have implemented interventions to curb this behavior, but with anything, it takes time.  I’m just hoping things get better, not worse once Sawyer’s here.  Also, Sebastian has been waking up at 6:00 every morning.  I’m thinking we’ll be up with the baby all night and then up with Sebastian at 6.  How will we ever get any sleep?  Sebastian’s room is right across from ours and he’s a pretty light sleeper so I’m worried the baby will wake him up all through the night.  Looking into maybe purchasing a white noise machine to at least drown out some of the crying.


4. Feeling loved

I started teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) 2 years ago in February.  We have an amazing ESL department in my school system. I have never felt more loved and accepted in a work situation then I have with this group.  This week they threw me a little shower and it was just the sweetest.  I also have a diaper bash a sweet friend is throwing me this weekend and then a small shower at my school in a couple weeks.  This should definitely get us stocked up on diapers for a while!


5. So excited

I just can’t wait to meet this little guy.  I can’t wait to hold him in my arms, see what he looks like, hear him cry for the first time and get to experience all of his other firsts. I can’t wait to hold the snuggly, sleeping baby on my chest.  I can’t wait for his newborn smell.  I can’t wait to give him his first bath.  I especially can’t wait for Sebastian and Sawyer to start cultivating their sibling bond.  I can’t wait to have 9 weeks off work to love on my newest little guy (and get to spend more time with Sebastian).



Oh my gosh, we are so close!

Preschool Activities: Theme 3: Pumpkins/Fall leaves

These last couple weeks our preschool theme has been all about pumpkins and fall leaves! Theme 1 was Apples and theme 2 was Room on the Broom.


1. Pumpkin bead bracelet

I picked out a bunch of orange beads from my stash of beads and found a green pipe cleaner from my Christmas craft bin. Sebastian strung on all the beads to make this cute pumpkin.

20161021_174717  20161021_175147

2. Pumpkin snack

I did a bunch of these for Sebastian’s daycare Halloween party.  Hint, if you make these, make sure you haven’t refrigerated the clementines first.  Having a cold, wet clementine makes the permanent markers not work very well.


3. Yellow Pumpkin, Yellow Pumpkin Book

One of Sebastian’s favorite books (and one he’s knows by heart) is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  I printed a Halloween version of this book and my favorite part at the end is where I put in a picture of Sebastian.  He got excited when he got to the last page and said “That’s me!”  He can now read this entire book to us.

img_5447  img_5453

4. Pumpkin Shape Matching

We have been working on his shapes the last couple months, so this was a perfect activity.  He completed this very quickly and did it 3 times in a row.  You may not be able to see in the picture, but I laminated this and put on velcro dots.


5. Pumpkin Painting

I love getting out the paints for Sebastian and should really do it more often.  Here we just painted a simple pumpkin.  I printed it on card-stock so it could hold up to the paint better.

6. Fall Tree Letter Matching

I did this with an apple tree in September and he really liked it so I printed out a fall version.


7. Thumb print tree fullsizerender-5  fullsizerender-6

8. Jack-o-Lantern Stamping

I carved a little jack-o-lantern face out of a half of a potato, mixed up some red and yellow paint to make orange and then let him stamp the jack-o-lanterns on paper.  Later I added little stems to each pumpkin.


9. Fall Leaf Memory


10. Pumpkin spice play dough and play dough mats.

I love making play dough for Sebastian and I think it’s much better then the store bought kind (much softer).  I made apple pie play dough in September and have plans to make gingerbread and snow play dough this winter. This pumpkin play dough smells so good!


Baby A #2 Bump Update 36 week

Woah, we are in the final stretch.  I remember thinking back to when we first found out in April how far away December and his due date was. It’s gone fast but also very slow.  It’s crazy to think in a few short weeks, I’ll have a tiny little newborn.  I’ve been wondering what this one will be like, what he’ll look like.  Not as much as I wondered with Sebastian though.  In my head I think that it’s just going to be another Sebastian. I keep reminding myself that this baby is not his brother and will be his own little person.  So weird to think about!  I can’t wait to see him and learn what his personality is like.  Is he going to be wide open (a term they use here down south) like me and Sebastian? Is he going to be introverted and quieter like daddy?  Is he going to have the dark hair at birth that lightens as he gets older like me and Sebastian?  Or is he going to have red hair like daddy?  Is he going to be a good sleeper, eater?  With a toddler and a newborn, am I ever going to get any sleep?


Weight Gain: 35 pounds total.  A few more pounds then I gained with Sebastian, but really not worried about it.

Symptoms:  Some lower back pain, starting to waddle a bit when tired or in pain, a tiny bit of heart burn, having trouble getting shoes on and getting up off the floor.

Cravings/Aversions:  Pumpkin pie has been pretty darn tasty (and so easy to make when you use a pre-made crust and pumpkin pie mix from a can).

What I am missing:  All the typical stuff pregnant women miss.

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a honeydew melon and quickly running out of room!

Sleep:  Sleep is still going well.  Trying to enjoy it while I can!

Workouts: I’ve still been doing some walking, but there’s really not much going on in the workout department.

Clothing: Back in the beginning of October if we were told we could donate $40 to United Way at school and get to wear jeans the rest of the year.  I definitely paid the money to wear the jeans and thought I’d still wear my black pants or leggings every once and a while. Nope, jeans every day it is.  Just so much easier!  I’ve paired those with maternity tops and non maternity loose fitting tops.  Of course all these shirts are getting shorter and shorter.

Gender: Definitely a boy.  Pretty sure there is a 0 chance of that being wrong.

Sebastian’s Reactions:  Sebastian and I did a sibling hospital tour last week.  We walked around the hospital, saw a delivery room, the waiting room, watched a little video, had cookies and juice and played with a baby doll.  Sebastian was actually pretty terrible throughout experience…just little two year old tantrums and not listening.  It made me think that if he does get to visit us in the hospital (depends on flu bans), we may have to make it a pretty short visit.  I did get a pretty cute picture of him feeding the baby doll though.


Best moment the past couple weeks: .When Matt came home yesterday from being in Russia for two weeks.  We all missed each other terribly and I’m so glad to have our family back together.  It was a long two weeks without him!  Sebastian was all over him last night and actually locked me out of the bedroom while they were reading books.

Looking Forward to:  The moment they put him into my arms and seeing how Sebastian reacts when meeting him.

Movements: His movements are getting a bit painful at times as they are very big, jabbing movements.  But his head down and he’s ready to go!


I have a feeling these next few weeks are just going to fly by. Next week we get one more ultrasound to see how big Sawyer is and determine if I need to be induced at 39 weeks or not.  Then it’s Thanksgiving where I have 5 days off work.  Those 5 days will be full of nesting, cooking freezer meals and decorating for Christmas.  After that we’ll just be waiting around (and hopefully relaxing) until baby comes.  Here we go!


You can read the 13 week update here18 week update here, 20 week update here, 24 week update here. 28 week update here. 32 week update here.


Halloween Costume Party Linkup

I am linking up with some fellow bloggers today to show you this years Halloween costumes.  For us, Halloween was a three day event and I’m exhausted and glad that it is now over.  Enjoy the photos!


My mom always hand made our Halloween costumes growing up.  I really think that’s the way to go.  My favorite year was when I was a princess on a horse. I dressed up as a princess and had an actual sewn and stuffed horse I fit into the middle of. I wish I had a picture of that to share! I’m just not a big fan of store bought costumes. This year I went back on forth as to what Sebastian should dress up as.  I came really close to buying a store bought costume.  Not a ton of creativity or energy in this very pregnant lady.  Then I came up with this costume idea and we already had most of the stuff.


The hat I bought off Amazon, the suspenders are from his first birthday and we made the fire extinguisher.  The badge was printed off google images, laminated with tape and pinned on.  The boots we already had, I just put silver duct tape around the top.  We also have a firefighter jacket (my inspiration for the costume), but for the first two events at over 80 degrees, there was no way he was wearing it.  Yay for home-made!  Sebastian got to meet Sparky the dog at our first Halloween even on Saturday.  The first thing he did was walk straight up to him and give him a big hug.


We couldn’t leave Sawyer out of the fun.  He was dressed as Sebastian’s dalmatian puppy.


On Halloween we went truck or treating at the fire station. This was perfect because it’s really close to my house and we only stayed about 30 minutes. img_5321  img_5332  img_5345  img_5353  img_5419

Sebastian’s firefighter friend met us there.


He definitely liked this whole candy getting business.  Somehow I got away with him only eating two pieces of candy that night.


The first two years my mother-in-law made Sebastian his Halloween costumes.  Here’s a look back.

Sebastian’s first Halloween 2014, he got two costumes.  The cutest little puppy and Sebastian Vettle a famous Formula 1 driver.

halloween-5   halloween-6

Halloween 2015 we dressed up as one big bee/ladybug family.  We were the talk of the town trick or treating downtown. ul3a1411-e1446658579828  ul3a1435-e1446728612231



Carolina Balloon Fest 2016

I have wanted to go to our towns Balloon Festival since we moved to North Carolina. I’ve always had a thing for hot air balloons and just think they are so cool.  A friend of ours mom is on the board for the festival and they were able to get us free tickets for the weekend and VIP parking. I am so thankful for these because with all the baby expenses coming up, there was no way we would have been able to buy tickets this year.


We went on Saturday with our friends and hung out enjoying the festival with them.  We ate some greasy festival food (and a funnel cake..mmm), listened to music, walked through the big balloon and watched the kids play.  It was too windy to do the balloon launch and we decided not to stay for the balloon glow after dark.

balloonfest01  balloonfest02  balloonfest03  balloonfest04  balloonfest05  balloonfest06

With my cheeky smile in this next one, I’m definitely noticing the pregnancy weight gain in my face.

balloonfest08 balloonfest10  balloonfest11


Since we didn’t get to see the launch on Saturday, Matt, Sebastian and I went back Sunday afternoon.  The weather was beautiful.  We let Sebastian play on the blow up slides, ate some ice cream, watched the tethered balloons go up and down and then found a spot on the hill for the mass ascension.  It was really exciting getting to see the balloons blow up right in front of you and take off.  We really enjoyed it!




Waving bye to one of the balloons. balloonfest13  balloonfest14  balloonfest15  balloonfest16

Just love the light and feel of this one! balloonfest17  balloonfest18

33 weeks!balloonfest19  balloonfest20

This boy can be total sweetness, but I will have to say he had an appropriate shirt on for the day “Little Monster”.  You can’t tell from the pictures (especially with the sweet face he’s giving in this one) but he definitely had a decent amount of whiney, mad moments throughout the festival.balloonfest23

More Fall Fun: Pumpkin Patch and Hay Maze 2016

We have been doing all the fall things this year and it’s been wonderful.  If you missed it, the first fall thing we did a couple weeks ago was go to a little pumpkin stand with some friends to get family pictures (and pumpkins).  You can see that post here. Tomorrow we are planning on going to the Carolina Hot Air Balloon Festival and I’m so excited.  I have wanted to go every year since we moved here and haven’t made it yet.  Look for a blog post on that next week because I’ll definitely be taking my professional camera!


A couple weeks ago my parents came to town for the weekend.  We were supposed to go to Myrtle beach in SC, but Hurricane Matthew went in our place.  So everyone came to my house.  While they were here, we went to a local pumpkin patch because they were having grandparents weekend where grandparents got in free.  I took a couple pictures but didn’t really get any with my parents or my sister in them. Total fail.  You can also see I’m not in any of these pictures. Always the photographer, never the subject. (Unless I shove the camera in Matt’s hand).  Here are the few I did get.

patterson_01  patterson_02  patterson_04  patterson_10

Sebastian really enjoyed this corn box.  It was even better that he found this truck to play with. patterson_17  patterson_20  patterson_24

Well, I guess I did get one (washed out) pic with Nana and Pop pop.  Once the wagon was filled though, there were so many people that our knees were touching the knees of the people in front of us so no other pictures were possible.

patterson_29  patterson_32  patterson_35


Last weekend we continued our fall outings by going to a hay maze with some friends.  This maze is 5 minutes from my house and I had no idea it was there until we happened to drive past it on a street we don’t normally drive down.


King of the hay mountain. haymaze02  haymaze03  haymaze04


Sebastian’s best friend Sarah and her parents met us there.  These two always have such a blast together!  They loved these rolling tubes. They did a good job of coordinating their outfits before they came.haymaze06  haymaze07  haymaze08

Entering the hay maze.  This is mid-October and the weather was (is) still in the 80s.


Opps, dead end.haymaze10

haymaze11  haymaze12

The kids were done a little over half way through, so daddy shoulders to the rescue!

haymaze13  haymaze14  haymaze15

They loved riding on this little cow train!haymaze16  haymaze17

Wish we had a corn box at home!  Sebastian loved these!


I’m going to be just a little bit sad when fall is over.  Luckily there are so many things this winter to look forward to.  A new baby and Christmas!


Room on the broom {Preschool Activities} Link up

One of my friends is hosting a few blog link ups this month and I’m planning on participating in a couple of them.  When she announced she was starting a children’s book club link up (that went right along with my plans for preschool activities with Sebastian), I knew I couldn’t pass it up.  I love reading books with Sebastian and it’s even more fun to find activities to go along with the books.  You can find the post about our apple activities here.


This months book is Room on the Broom.  I bought the book for $5 on Amazon just so I could participate in this challenge and I’m so glad I did, it’s such a cute book and has become an instant bedtime favorite.  It’s the first book he asks to read every night now and last night he started reading a lot of the words right along with me.  His other favorite seasonal book right now is Scaredy Cat Splat.


1.  Reading the book

Before I started activities, we spent several nights reading and introducing the book.  I was surprised when Sebastian was able to answer my questions about what animal found the hat and the bow and the wand after only the second time of reading the book.  Reading comprehension is so important so I try to ask questions about the books we read during and after reading.  He has such a great little memory!


2. Dot marker pictures

I just recently discovered that Sebastian can use a dot marker correctly, so since then, I’ve been giving him fall themed dot marker pictures. I found a witch, a witches hat and a witches cat to go along with the story.


3. Broom art project

Someone donated a bunch of mat boards to my school last year and I grabbed a bunch for Sebastian.  Last year every holiday we would make some sort of hand print, foot print or holiday themed pictures.  It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these and when I saw this cute little hand print broom on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to recreate it.



4. Room on the Broom snack

Sebastian has been crazy hungry lately and will ask me as soon as I pick him up from daycare for snacks until dinnertime.  For a couple of the afternoons, I made sure to have these cute little broom snacks.



While searching on Pinterest, I found that the book has it’s own website.  Some of the activities on there are too hard for my 2 and a half year old (next year!), but found a memory matching game (we’ve been doing a lot of these lately), a coloring sheet and an i-spy sheet.

img_4915  img_4911

6.  Room on the Broom Movie

Last year (and this year before I heard of the link up), Sebastian and I watched Room on the Broom on Netflix.  It’s such a cute movie and keeps him completely engaged the whole time.  I snapped this shot when he got up to go grab a pillow.



Baby A #2 Bump Update 32 weeks

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since my last update.  Baby Sawyer will be here in 8 weeks or less.  I’m starting to feel a bit anxious in general.  I think a lot of that is from having everything ready for baby but still feeling the need to nest.  I have all this nesting energy and nowhere to release it.  Let me tell you, my house has never been cleaner!


Weight Gain:  I haven’t really gained much (a couple pounds) since 28 weeks.  Thank goodness because at that point I had already gained what I gained with Sebastian in my entire pregnancy.

Symptoms:  A little bit of heart burn every now and then.  Some stretching pain.  A little bit of rib discomfort when Sawyer has a foot (or something) inside my rib cage.  A little bit of lower back pain.  Also, now that it’s socks, boots and tennis shoe season, I’m having trouble getting them on.  My stomach just doesn’t allow me to bend forward anymore.

Cravings/Aversions:  My crazy appetite I had the first two trimesters has gone away.  I feel like I’m eating like normal again.

What I am missing:  Sleeping/laying on my stomach.  Turning over in bed without difficulty.  Getting up from the floor or couch easily. Wrestling and horse playing with Sebastian.

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a squash.

Sleep:  Other then having some difficulty getting comfortable, sleep is still going well.

Workouts: I’ve been walking a lot more now that the weather is finally cooler.  There is a greenway across the street from my school that is perfect for getting in a quick walk after school, before picking up Sebastian.  One week, my sister challenged me to a Fitbit workweek hustle and I got a ton of steps that week (15,500 on one day of the challenge).  That was a great motivator!

Clothing: I’m finally able to wear more of my longer sleeve maternity clothes and long sleeve non maternity tunics. Also maternity jeans, leggings and black pants.  I’m getting really tired of my maternity jeans because I’m constantly having to pull them up in the back.

Gender: Sweet Sawyer James.  Can’t wait to meet you buddy!

Sebastian’s Reactions:  Not a lot going on here.  We will still talk about Sawyer, but he hasn’t had any new reactions.  I’m starting to wonder if he believes us that Sawyer is really coming.  We’ve been talking about the baby for months now which has to be a really long time in toddler world.  We get to do a sibling hospital tour in November but he may not be able to come to the hospital to meet Sawyer depending on if they have an under 18 year old ban because of the flu.  It will still be fun to show him the hospital so he at least knows where mommy is going to be.  The other day though, he got to meet a friends new baby and wanted to hold him but didn’t want to sit down to do it.  He just wanted to grab him like a baby doll.  We finally got him to sit down and he got to hold him and it got me really excited for when he gets to meet Sawyer.

Best moment the past couple weeks: .Spending time with my parents and one of my sisters.  They spent a weekend at our house (we were supposed to go to the beach but Hurricane Matthew).  I just love seeing Sebastian’s great relationship with them and I can’t wait to get to see them with Sawyer.

Looking Forward to:  Halloween and Thanksgiving (5 days off work).  Also more fall fun, corn mazes, trick or treating, Carolina Balloon Fest.

Movements: Sawyer’s movements have slowed down a little as he is starting to run out of room.  They are different movements then before. I’m not feeling as much flipping but I’m feeling a lot of big, sometimes almost painful movements.  He still moves a lot for me but it’s been harder to get other people to feel them.


At my last appointment, I got my results back from my glucose test.  I passed with flying colors.  Thank goodness because I really didn’t want to do the 3 hour test and get poked several times again.  I also found out in the last few weeks that as of the last ultrasound, Sawyer is in the 97 percentile.  They want to do another ultrasound at 37 weeks to see how big he is.  Depending on that, I could be induced at 39 weeks or if he’s over 10 pounds, I may end up having a c-section.  Sebastian was 8 pounds when he was born, so we’ll see.  My family is known for having pretty big babies.


You can read the 13 week update here18 week update here, 20 week update here, 24 week update here. 28 week update here.



Sebastian’s big boy camping room!

Sebastian was evicted from the nursery a couple months ago because soon a new little tenant is moving in.  That meant this summer was time to create Sebastian a big boy room.  I went through several themes in my head and finally decided on a camping themed room.  We’ve only gone camping twice as a family so far, but once the boys get older, we plan to go a lot. As a kid I grew up going camping out west (Rocky Mountains, Glacier, Yellowstone, Banff, etc).  We also camped a lot in locations closer to home in Indiana.  Here’s a little throwback photo for you.  I’m the little blond on the left.



After cleaning out the office, pinning a ton of things on Pinterest, making a camping inspiration board, gathering items from my parents house and some online shopping, it was finally time to get to work.  We finished his room before school started but I was waiting to get a few more finishing touches (like some pictures of Sebastian and a poster framed) before I did the blog post.  Since those haven’t happened yet, I figured I’d better go ahead and get what I have done on the blog. I’m also planning a few things as gifts for Christmas to add to the room.


I got this sign several years ago in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It’s the perfect sign to put on the outside of his door!



My mom and I made the curtains at the beginning of summer.  I bought the birch tree shower curtains from Bed Bath and Beyond and converted them into curtains.  We sewed black out curtain material to the back.  After painting the room white, we painted this mountain range.  You can find the tutorial here.

I found this rug at Target, and then even cheaper on  We love playing on this rug!  We pretend to ‘burn’ ourselves on the fire and drive trucks around on the rug pretending they are going camping.  Last night Sebastian was sitting in the water and after we asked him if his bottom was getting wet, he told us he was squishing the fishes.  Love his imaginative play!campingroom4

After a little bit of digging through bins in my parents garage, we found these old canteens we used when hiking and camping when I was little. I knew these would look great hanging in Sebastian’s room.  I’m thinking about cutting a slit in another canteen to make a piggy bank.  campingroom5

Before we started on the room, we made this mountain shelf.  I bought the cute little bear family from Hobby Lobby.


The dresser came from my parents house and so did the bear lamp and the camping stools.  That lamp was in my room growing up.  The boys just discovered last night that it also plays music.  The hamper actually goes in the nursery so I’m hoping to get this (pricey) hamper. Why does it have to be $50??campingroom7  campingroom8

I printed a bunch of free printables off Pinterest, grab some frames from my collection and had fun figuring out where to put them all.  The (cracked) paddle came with a canoe we bought several years ago.  I also left my computer, printer and desk in his room.  We have absolutely nowhere else to put it and I don’t use it nearly as much as I used to anyway.  I’ve found that Pandora’s classical music station has come in handy for a couple of naps where someone didn’t want to go to sleep.campingroom9  campingroom10

I ordered Sebastian’s pine tree sheets and blanket online from Target.  Once winter comes, I’m thinking about converting one of our old sleeping bags into a comforter.  My mom is also converting some old flannel sheets into twin size ones for once it gets cold.  On the dresser is a picture of a bear I took in RMNP, a lantern I bought and a piece of petrified wood Matt found near Bryce Canyon.  The pile of rocks probably came from our driveway…Sebastian likes picking up rocks as we are walking around outside. Below that I put out an old mess kit that also came from my parents garage.  Then I filled the rest of the bookcase with books!  I bought those bins (wash tubs) from dollar general to keep the books organized.

I love the sayings on these two printouts! campingroom12

We bought Sebastian’s twin bed from a local furniture store.

Sebastian is holding the bear I bought in Rocky Mountain National park.campingroom14

He loves his big boy room and often calls it “the best room ever!”campingroom15  campingroom16

Here is a pano of the room I took with my iPhone.




Red lantern

Birch tree shower curtains

Pine tree sheets

Pine tree blanket

Camping themed rug

Pinterest camping words printables

You are our greatest adventure printable

Happy Camper printable