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Here are some photos from years ago and some from this past summer. This is a selection of some of my favorites as far as scenery goes. Some are from Costa Rica others are from Oliver winery where I did an engagement shoot.

I can’t quite remember where this one was taken.

This was on the side of the rode out west somewhere.

Costa Rica

Huge hummingbirds in Costa Rica.

These owls were on the property of my host families farm in Costa Rica. They are babies. The mom was next to them hiding behind branches. I used my zoom to get this.

This was taken outside my host families house in Costa Rica.

Oliver winery:

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I can’t believe my baby brother is getting married…okay, so he is not my brother but he’s the closest thing I’ve had to one growing up (we even used to tell people we were siblings). We are cousins :) It was fun doing two cousin’s engagement pictures in two days…one on each side. It was such a beautiful fall weekend. They are also getting married a day apart. Amanda is such a sweet girl and I am excited that she is being added on to the family. Congrats again you two. You make such a cute couple! (even if I did embarrass you a few times) Sorry, I just had to post a few kissing pictures. Enjoy!

The scenery in this picture is just beautiful. You guys picked a great place for pictures.

They are getting married on June 6, 2009.

This has to be one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken! I absolutely love it. :)

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It is an honor to get to do Zach and Chelsie’s engagement and wedding pictures. I’ve known Chelsie my whole life (she’s my cousin) and I am extremely happy for her. She found a really great guy and I know that they will continue to support each other and live happily ever after. Just look how cute they are together!

This is the site where they got engaged.

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