Sawyer 7 months



This summer has been flying by and I can’t believe Sawyer is already 7 months old.  Didn’t he just start sitting up yesterday and how is he already doing beginning stages of crawling?  At this point Sebastian had one tooth with the other one about to poke through and was making some forward progress scooting himself on his belly.  I’m kinda glad to report that Sawyer has done neither but I’m sure they will happen soon.  Nursing is still going great and over the last few months has gotten so much easier then I ever had it with Sebastian.


Sawyer has the sweetest face and most edible cheeks.  I seriously can’t get enough of kissing him.  He gives the best open mouth gummy laughs when turned upside down and tickled.  It my absolute favorite thing to do with him.   He also has lashes for days and the prettiest red hair/eyebrows. I love his fuzzy, soft hair and will kiss his head no less then 304857 times a days.  I feel like he just gets cuter and cuter the older he gets.  His personality is starting to show through and thankfully he seems to be a little bit more reserved then Sebastian.  Maybe he will end up being more introverted like daddy.  I’m so lucky that I get to spend every single day all day with him!


Stats:  See his 6 month blog post for stats from his last check-up.  And just look at how long those legs are!

Likes: Food, enough said.  He’s liking his jump-a-roo even more and will stay in there a bit longer then he used to…he even reaches for it.  He also loves jumping with help, blowing raspberries, being tickled, he snorts when he laughs and smiles easily (except when trying to take his picture).

Dislikes:  He definitely notices when people walk away and doesn’t always like that.  So far he doesn’t show too many signs of separation anxiety though (goes to “strangers” with no problem)

Nicknames: Sawyer Boyer is a new one this month.  Our family likes names that rhyme…Jaker Baker, Oliver Boliver…

Firsts: First 4th of July and first time watching a parade.  First time reaching for mommy!  He was sitting on the floor and fell over.  When he started crying, Matt picked him up and he reached for me.  Hoping he will stay a mama’s boy!

Milestones: Sawyer gets up on knees and rocks back and forth.  He is trying so hard to get around but so far not much forward progress.  He will go from a sitting position to laying on his belly by lunging forward.  He is also starting to try to crawl up on me and if we stand him up on a object, he can stand there holding himself up for about a minute.

Sleep: This has actually been better for the past week.  After several nights of him waking up 4 times a night, I was starting to ask questions about crying it out.  Then magically he went to only waking up once a night.  I should probably still consider cry it out because we have to rock him to sleep, I just don’t know if I can put my baby through that.  Sawyer naps 3 times a day.  Between 9:30, 1:30 and around 5:00.  His bedtime is 8:30 and wakes up around 7:30.

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  Still the best big brother ever.  He makes Sawyer laugh at every chance he gets, brings him toys, helps feed him, this list could go on and on.

The Tamir Family

I’m so glad Lillian decided to document this precious time in their lives as they anxiously await their baby girl.


Starting the post off with my favorite!


Tamir1  Tamir2

Johnathan was so fun to photograph, full of energy, great ideas and lover of Harry Potter.  I enjoyed pretending to get ‘zapped’ by your wand!


You two are the cutest together!

Tamir5  Tamir6

Lillian, you have the prettiest smile! Tamir7  Tamir8  Tamir9

So much love for baby sister already! Tamir10  Tamir11

The Farmer Family

Get ready for a post of a kid with some of the best smiles…all thanks to daddy!  Todd did such a great job playing with Scotty to get great reactions out of him!  Sweet little Brooklyn is just 4 months old and just the cutest little thing!  Abby, I’m so glad you contacted me to do these photos!!



Catch me if you can!







Love her gorgeous blue eyes and sweet little smile!


My favorite!

This kid just adores his dad…reminds me of Sebastian and my husband!

Sheila & Kristin

I had so much fun working with this sweet mother/daughter duo!  I’m used to photographing men and women together and parents with small children but not two women together.  This was a great little challenge for me!  I’m really excited with how these turned out, and Kristin, I promise some day when you are no longer a teenager, these will be worth more then gold to you!








Kristin, you are so stunning.  I really hope this helps you decide to do senior portraits!





Sawyer 6 months


So I wrote this post about 3 weeks ago right before Sawyer turned 6 months.  I finally got around to taking the picture today.


Sawyer has been here for half of a year.  It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been that long but at the same time it feels like he’s been here forever.  So much has happened in his short little life!  He’s the perfect addition to our family and I just can’t get enough of his chubby cheeks, and chubby thighs…all the chubby things.  He’s also an exact replica of his daddy which I love!


Oh man, Sawyer is killing me on the sleep department.  He still wakes up definitely once a night and sometimes two, three or four times.  He nurses every time and falls back asleep while doing so.  It seems as though he is nursing for food, not just for comfort.  Not sure if I will have to do cry it out at some point? Or do I just grin and bear it and hopefully one day it will stop?  I’m thinking he will be super stubborn with cry it out and just cry and cry and cry.  Also for naps, we rock him to sleep, then put him down.  There’s definitely no, “I’ll fall asleep on my own” happening with this kid.  He also still prefers to be held and doesn’t want to be down for more then a couple minutes at a time.  I was hoping once he started sitting up, this would get better, but I still can’t get anything done without him crying or having to hold him.  He’s super grabby now too, so that makes it even harder to do things (like eat) while holding him.


Stats:  Weight: 18 pounds 6 ounces (71st percentile) Height:  28 inches (95th percentile).  He’s got the chubbiest little feet I’ve ever seen!

Likes: Loves getting raspberries and being tickled.  Loves watching Sebastian.  He’s starting to like the Jump-a-roo more and will jump in it for about 10 minutes at most before he’s ready to be held.

Dislikes:  Still doesn’t like being put down.

Nicknames: Still Flubber?  Matt and I decided to give the nick name a try and after calling him “Flubber” in conversation about two times each we both just started laughing.  It definitely felt super silly.  We are guessing Sebastian somehow changed the word brother to flubber?  Sounds close right?

Firsts: First time camping/First trip to a National Park!!  The Grand Canyon was great! He did awesome but boy camping with two small children is a lot of work.

Milestones: He’s now sitting up!  I was definitely ready for him to hit this milestone but he can take as long as he wants for crawling and walking.  We also started solids.  It took him about a week to figure out food and he hasn’t looked back since.

Sleep: Ugh.  See above.

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  Sebastian will do whatever he can to get Sawyer to laugh.  This includes jumping around, pretending to fall down and bang into things and just being crazy.  He gets the biggest belly laughs out of Sawyer.

The Connell Family

I’m so glad the Connell family braved this chilly windy day, because I am absolutely in love with this session!  Jeff and Katie had family visiting from New Hampshire and took the opportunity to get a few family photos.

Meet Tim, Rachel and Laliah.  So wish they lived in CA!


Connell1  Connell2

I sent them this image (early) just in time for Father’s Day.  Such a sweet daddy!

 Connell5  Connell6

Remember Jeff, Katie and Charlie?

Love this one so much…this one needs to get printed for sure!Connell8  Connell9

Another great daddy photo!Connell10

You guys are the cutest!

The whole crew.  What a fun family!Connell12

Sorry ladies reading this who want kids…oh my ovaries!Connell13

Thank you so much Connell family!  We may need to make this a yearly tradition (or however many times you get together in CA).


Felipe Family Portraits

Okay, get ready to witness a family that has the most beautiful eyes.  Especially the girls!  I met this sweet mama at the park a few weeks ago and our boys hit it off.  Our babies like each other too.  I also love listening to her Irish accent (the mama, not the baby).


See, I told you about the eyes…

Oh, heart melted!Felipe03

I spy some toofers! Felipe04

Ha, I love Niall’s expression.  He’s like, okay fine, I’ll put my hands in the air, happy?Felipe05  Felipe06

Every kid loves this!

Have I mentioned I absolutely love living 5 minutes from the beach?…Only a zillion times!

This one may be my favorite.  Love the laughs!
Felipe09  Felipe10  Felipe11  



Felipe14  Felipe15  Felipe16

Oh my gosh, I love this one so much.  So much personality! Felipe17

Maisey’s 1st birthday cake smash

This session may possibly be the most proud I have ever been of my photography.  I’ve been doing online photography courses and I really feel like the things I’m implementing are starting to show a big difference in my work.  It also doesn’t hurt that I took pictures of the cutest family in a really cool house!


Happiest of birthdays sweet Maisey!!


Gillian got these adorable decorations from Pippa & Co in Alameda.  I’ll definitely be heading to them next time I need some cute props!

A quick outfit change…

Sweet big sister Avery had to get in the action!  Gillian we definitely need to get our kids together soon!

I don’t have the words to express how much I adore this photo.  I hope these girls feel the same way about this picture when they are older!


Cake time!

Maisey1bday06  Maisey1bday07  Maisey1bday08

Mmm cake!  That little curl just kills me!
Maisey1bday09  Maisey1bday10  Maisey1bday11  Maisey1bday12

Can I just have a moment for this farm sink?!  Love, love, love!

Maisey1bday13  Maisey1bday14  Maisey1bday15  Maisey1bday16  Maisey1bday17

The sweetest face I’ve ever seen!


We had to get one of the whole family!  Dad is just a little outnumbered…I feel you Sean!

Sweet picture taken with quilt made by grandma, check!

Maisey1bday21  Maisey1bday22

Gillian, you are so gorgeous!  I see where your girls get it from!


Allex Family Grand Canyon

Thank goodness for family pictures at the Grand Canyon.  This was the only day the Allex family showered while camping. GrandCanyon_189  GrandCanyon_218  GrandCanyon_222

My favorite.   I will cherish this picture forever.  So glad we had friends to share this fun trip with (and to snap this photo).GrandCanyon_232

This is Sebastian’s “I really want the candy you have in your hand so I’m going to smile really big” smile.

Hope these kiddos will be lifelong friends.
GrandCanyon_276  GrandCanyon_291  GrandCanyon_296

Until next time GC!GrandCanyon_298

Werner Family Grand Canyon

Last week we met our friends from Denver in the Grand Canyon.  It just so happens that the Grand Canyon is half way between SF and Denver!  While camping at the Grand Canyon our families took the opportunity to (shower and) take pics in front of this giant hole in the ground.



Someone pointed out on Facebook that they looked scary close to the edge.  I assure you they look closer then they really were!GrandCanyon_210 copy  GrandCanyon_213  GrandCanyon_246

I absolutely love this picture of two sweet sisters.  I hope they treasure this forever.
GrandCanyon_249  GrandCanyon_253  GrandCanyon_258

This is Marina’s service dog Jive.  She alerts Mike and Nicole when Marina’s blood sugar is low or high.  We witnessed this about 40384 times on this trip. She’s one incredible dog.  I’m so glad the Werner’s have Jive…type 1 diabetes is hard, and scary.

Matt has known these two friends since college and I’ve known them since I’ve known Matt.  So glad we have kept in touch over the distance.  Looking forward to many more family vacations in the future!