Mike + Lillian + Jonathan + Aviva ~ Alameda, California

You may remember this family from Lillian’s maternity session at the beach.  This time I met them at their home for a lifestyle newborn shoot.  Lillian wanted pictures of what they do in their every day lives and that’s exactly what we did.

I was definitely taking notes on their lego organization skills seeing as I am a mom of two boys and we already have about 10 lego sets for our 3 year old.

After a little bit of lego play, they made Challah.  It smelled so good!  

Next it was time for a little bit of work and watering on the outside patio.

And some kisses for little sis.  Jonathan is the best big brother, just the sweetest!

Another scene you see going on in our house a lot, building trains in the living room!

This little doll slept pretty much the entire shoot.  Oh how I love baby lips.

Well hello there bright eyes!

Such a fun day!

Logan + Megan + Bella + Grayson + Brea ~ Alameda, California

I’ve been trying to get this gorgeous family in front of my camera all summer and we finally made it happen early one morning last week.  Sunrise shoot for the win!!  I promise, it’s so worth getting up early (or in Logan’s case staying up late) for a shoot like this!

Dysert_1  Dysert_2  Dysert_3  Dysert_4  Dysert_5  Dysert_6  Dysert_7  Dysert_8  Dysert_9  Dysert_10

Even Brea the dog has a great smile!! Dysert_11  Dysert_12  Dysert_13  Dysert_14

This little beauty look just like her mom!
Dysert_15  Dysert_16  Dysert_17  Dysert_18  Dysert_19  Dysert_20  Dysert_21  Dysert_22  Dysert_23  Dysert_24  Dysert_25  Dysert_26

And the last one of just Brea, because let’s face it, she was kinda the star of the show!! Dysert_27

Sawyer 9 months

Disclaimer:  This post was written a couple weeks ago and the photo was taken yesterday.  He’s about 9 and a half months now…

Sawyer is just 3 months away from a year old!  These last few months have been flying by like summer usually does.  This month he finally started crawling!  We baby proofed the fire place so he wouldn’t bonk his head, but as of yet he hasn’t really started getting into things.  He actually doesn’t crawl too far away from where ever I am and if I leave the room, he’ll start crawling after me.  Also when we aren’t at home, he’ll stay within a few steps (or crawls) from me.  Hopefully this will continue as he walks because I remember how exhausting constantly chasing after Sebastian was!  At this point Sebastian had said a few words (and hasn’t stopped talking since), but Sawyer has yet to say his first word.  I’m hoping that means he will be a quieter, more reserved kid!  I’m still holding out hope that his first words will be mama, like Sebastian.  He still just continues to be the sweetest little guy albeit cranky.  He learned this month how to throw his head back when he’s upset…made for an interesting plane ride in those small seats on the way home from our trip. We are so in love with our little boy and while I’m excited for him to get bigger, my heart breaks every time we give away things he’s grown out of.  We only have a few months left of him being a baby, and I’m not ready to let babyhood go.  I hope I always remember how chubby his feet are, how soft and kissable his little head is and how his baby giggles just melt my heart.


Stats: 29.5 inches (95th percentile) 20 pounds 8 ounces (70th percentile).

Likes: Still prefers Mommy over pretty much anything else.

Dislikes:  Sawyer had roseola (fever for a couple days and then a rash) this month, and was pretty crabby (even crabbier then usual) for about a week.

Nicknames: We’ve been calling him bubba, and bubs (because, brother).  Also booty?  Like “hi-ya booty”.

Firsts:  Trip to St. Louis and the Lake of the Ozarks.  First total solar eclipse (although he slept right through it).

Milestones: Crawling boy!  He’s also started pulling up on things…mostly on people, but can pull him up to stand at the fireplace and couch.  He looks pretty proud of himself when he gets into a standing position.

Sleep: I’m not really excited to talk about this.  After a few failed attempts of night weaning, I’m starting to think I’ll be up with him every night until he leaves for college.  Why is this so hard this time around???

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  Sebastian’s finally starting to be able to play with him a little more…I just can’t wait until the two of them can play together for hours!

A look back:

Sebastian 9 months

Paul and Sarah Maternity

We had a pretty epic week last week.  We stayed in a big house on a lake with my in-laws in the middle of Missouri.  We witnessed the amazing total solar eclipse.  I watched Sebastian and his uncles play for hours in the lake.  We spent quality time as a family.  I also got to take pictures of my brother and sister in law and her sweet baby bump. This will be my 3rd niece…I was only hoping a little bit that she would be a boy so I wouldn’t be the only one with the rambunctious boys in the family…but there are still opportunities for boys so I will hold out on that hope!  I’m so lucky to call Matt’s family my own and am so excited about this new little addition coming in October!





Love this one!






The Allex men have the BEST smiles!!


My favorite! So much love for this sweet baby already!

Paul&Sarah11  Paul&Sarah12

Sawyer 8 months


Sawyer is 8 months and is on the cusp of doing so many big things.  He’s trying to figure out crawling, and trying to pull up on things.  Our world is so close to changing yet again once he becomes mobile.  We are in such a sweet spot right now…for the past 2 months, he has been much happier sitting and playing for longer periods of time, but can’t go anywhere/get into things yet.  It’s crazy because every time he’s up on his knees, I get so excited and I encourage him to crawl, then I think, wait, nooo, I don’t want you to crawl, I’m not ready.  Such is parenthood!


Stats:  We will have his check-up next month, so will post stats then!

Likes: Mommy.  He’s definitely a mama’s boy (yay)!  He gets so excited to see me and when he’s in daddy or someone else’s arms, he reaches for me. He also is really starting to notice the dogs and will reach out for them, laugh and smile at them.

Dislikes:  Being sick…at least I dislike him being sick.  He’s had a little cold this week and I hate it.  He’s stuffed up and not sleeping well and it just breaks my heart.  Here’s to hoping it doesn’t last long.

Nicknames: Sebastian has been calling him “hot sauce” recently??  Not sure where that one came from but it’s kinda cute.

Firsts:  First trip to see the Redwoods!  First trip to a famous? beach…Santa Cruz.

Milestones: Sawyer is crawling….backwards.  Haha, no forward progress yet, but he definitely can get around.  I’ll put him on one side of the rug and he’ll end up on the other.  He also got his bottom two teeth this month!  He’s been babbling a lot…saying mamama, dadada, bububu, bababa but hasn’t said an actual word to us yet.

Sleep: Oh sleep.  I have not slept through the night in 8 months.  Sawyer, any day now would be nice!

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  I came into the living room the other day and Sebastian was reading “Hop on Pop” to Sawyer.  The cutest part of that was that Sebastian got most of the pages right because we’ve read it enough times to him.  I love watching their relationship grow and think Sebastian is going to love when Sawyer starts crawling.

MacMannis Family Baking

I have been wanting to do a baking photo shoot with a family for years.  Once I saw this kitchen at Maisey’s 1 year shoot, I knew this was the family and the kitchen where I was going to finally make this happen.


Who doesn’t love making (and eating) chocolate chip cookies?

Baking1  Baking2  Baking3

I could tell Gillian cooks with these girls a lot.  They definitely knew what they were doing.  Cooking with Sebastian is one of my favorite things to do too!

I only have a little bit of kitchen envy…okay a lot of kitchen envy.

My favoriteBaking6

Love this sweet little face!Baking7  Baking8  Baking9  Baking10  Baking11  Baking12  Baking13  Baking14  Baking15

It really seems like some of these should be on the cover of Martha Stewart living or Better Homes and Garden…wonder how I can make that happen…
Baking16  Baking17  Baking18  Baking19

Lucky girls got to eat cookies before dinner!  They are going to want me to come over all the time!Baking20  Baking21  Baking22

Just love this gorgeous family…let’s start planning the next shoot, k?

Sawyer 7 months



This summer has been flying by and I can’t believe Sawyer is already 7 months old.  Didn’t he just start sitting up yesterday and how is he already doing beginning stages of crawling?  At this point Sebastian had one tooth with the other one about to poke through and was making some forward progress scooting himself on his belly.  I’m kinda glad to report that Sawyer has done neither but I’m sure they will happen soon.  Nursing is still going great and over the last few months has gotten so much easier then I ever had it with Sebastian.


Sawyer has the sweetest face and most edible cheeks.  I seriously can’t get enough of kissing him.  He gives the best open mouth gummy laughs when turned upside down and tickled.  It my absolute favorite thing to do with him.   He also has lashes for days and the prettiest red hair/eyebrows. I love his fuzzy, soft hair and will kiss his head no less then 304857 times a days.  I feel like he just gets cuter and cuter the older he gets.  His personality is starting to show through and thankfully he seems to be a little bit more reserved then Sebastian.  Maybe he will end up being more introverted like daddy.  I’m so lucky that I get to spend every single day all day with him!


Stats:  See his 6 month blog post for stats from his last check-up.  And just look at how long those legs are!

Likes: Food, enough said.  He’s liking his jump-a-roo even more and will stay in there a bit longer then he used to…he even reaches for it.  He also loves jumping with help, blowing raspberries, being tickled, he snorts when he laughs and smiles easily (except when trying to take his picture).

Dislikes:  He definitely notices when people walk away and doesn’t always like that.  So far he doesn’t show too many signs of separation anxiety though (goes to “strangers” with no problem)

Nicknames: Sawyer Boyer is a new one this month.  Our family likes names that rhyme…Jaker Baker, Oliver Boliver…

Firsts: First 4th of July and first time watching a parade.  First time reaching for mommy!  He was sitting on the floor and fell over.  When he started crying, Matt picked him up and he reached for me.  Hoping he will stay a mama’s boy!

Milestones: Sawyer gets up on knees and rocks back and forth.  He is trying so hard to get around but so far not much forward progress.  He will go from a sitting position to laying on his belly by lunging forward.  He is also starting to try to crawl up on me and if we stand him up on a object, he can stand there holding himself up for about a minute.

Sleep: This has actually been better for the past week.  After several nights of him waking up 4 times a night, I was starting to ask questions about crying it out.  Then magically he went to only waking up once a night.  I should probably still consider cry it out because we have to rock him to sleep, I just don’t know if I can put my baby through that.  Sawyer naps 3 times a day.  Between 9:30, 1:30 and around 5:00.  His bedtime is 8:30 and wakes up around 7:30.

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  Still the best big brother ever.  He makes Sawyer laugh at every chance he gets, brings him toys, helps feed him, this list could go on and on.

The Tamir Family

I’m so glad Lillian decided to document this precious time in their lives as they anxiously await their baby girl.


Starting the post off with my favorite!


Tamir1  Tamir2

Johnathan was so fun to photograph, full of energy, great ideas and lover of Harry Potter.  I enjoyed pretending to get ‘zapped’ by your wand!


You two are the cutest together!

Tamir5  Tamir6

Lillian, you have the prettiest smile! Tamir7  Tamir8  Tamir9

So much love for baby sister already! Tamir10  Tamir11

The Farmer Family

Get ready for a post of a kid with some of the best smiles…all thanks to daddy!  Todd did such a great job playing with Scotty to get great reactions out of him!  Sweet little Brooklyn is just 4 months old and just the cutest little thing!  Abby, I’m so glad you contacted me to do these photos!!



Catch me if you can!







Love her gorgeous blue eyes and sweet little smile!


My favorite!

This kid just adores his dad…reminds me of Sebastian and my husband!

Sheila & Kristin

I had so much fun working with this sweet mother/daughter duo!  I’m used to photographing men and women together and parents with small children but not two women together.  This was a great little challenge for me!  I’m really excited with how these turned out, and Kristin, I promise some day when you are no longer a teenager, these will be worth more then gold to you!








Kristin, you are so stunning.  I really hope this helps you decide to do senior portraits!