Sawyer 8 months

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Sawyer is 8 months and is on the cusp of doing so many big things.  He’s trying to figure out crawling, and trying to pull up on things.  Our world is so close to changing yet again once he becomes mobile.  We are in such a sweet spot right now…for the past 2 months, he… Read more »

Sawyer 7 months

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  This summer has been flying by and I can’t believe Sawyer is already 7 months old.  Didn’t he just start sitting up yesterday and how is he already doing beginning stages of crawling?  At this point Sebastian had one tooth with the other one about to poke through and was making some forward progress… Read more »

Sawyer 6 months

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So I wrote this post about 3 weeks ago right before Sawyer turned 6 months.  I finally got around to taking the picture today.   Sawyer has been here for half of a year.  It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been that long but at the same time it feels like he’s been… Read more »

Allex Family Grand Canyon

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Thank goodness for family pictures at the Grand Canyon.  This was the only day the Allex family showered while camping.      My favorite.   I will cherish this picture forever.  So glad we had friends to share this fun trip with (and to snap this photo). This is Sebastian’s “I really want the candy… Read more »

Sawyer 5 months

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I feel like not a whole lot has changed since last month.  Sawyer can roll over both ways now, but hardly ever does.  He doesn’t seem quite as quick to hit milestones as Sebastian was and I’m okay with that.  I’m definitely not ready for him to start becoming more mobile any time soon!  He is… Read more »

The Secret of Happiness

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You guys, I think I’ve found the secret to happiness.  At least my version of it, and it feels so good.  So all you have to do to find it too is to move to California.  Okay, just kidding, kind of, but it definitely seems to have worked for me.  Here’s how:   1. Being… Read more »

5 on Friday {Island Life}

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Hello!  Happy Friday!  This is the third night in a row my baby has slept through the night, so I’m feeling good and got up early.  I’m getting some ‘me time’ to drink my tea and write a Friday blog post!   1.  I was driving around my Island yesterday trying to get my kids… Read more »

Easter Baskets 2017

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This is my second year in a row participating in the Easter basket blog hop and my 3rd year posting pics of my kid’s Easter baskets.  This year is extra special because I got to put together 2 Easter baskets!  I really enjoy doing themed baskets each year.  Last year for Sebastian I did a… Read more »

Adventures in CA part I

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In an attempt to start blogging more, I’m starting a series for my little blog called Adventures in CA.  With Matt working at a start up company, you never know how long the job will last and how long we’ll get to stay here…maybe 6 months – a year, maybe forever.  With that in mind,… Read more »

Early to Rise {5 on Friday}

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I can’t get back to sleep for some reason so I finally got up and put water on to boil for some tea and you guys will actually get a five on Friday post today!  I’m going to be regretting only getting 5 hours of sleep later but at least it’s Friday!  It also feels… Read more »