Sawyer 8 months

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Sawyer is 8 months and is on the cusp of doing so many big things.  He’s trying to figure out crawling, and trying to pull up on things.  Our world is so close to changing yet again once he becomes mobile.  We are in such a sweet spot right now…for the past 2 months, he… Read more »

MacMannis Family Baking

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I have been wanting to do a baking photo shoot with a family for years.  Once I saw this kitchen at Maisey’s 1 year shoot, I knew this was the family and the kitchen where I was going to finally make this happen.   Who doesn’t love making (and eating) chocolate chip cookies?    … Read more »

Sawyer 7 months

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  This summer has been flying by and I can’t believe Sawyer is already 7 months old.  Didn’t he just start sitting up yesterday and how is he already doing beginning stages of crawling?  At this point Sebastian had one tooth with the other one about to poke through and was making some forward progress… Read more »

The Tamir Family

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I’m so glad Lillian decided to document this precious time in their lives as they anxiously await their baby girl.   Starting the post off with my favorite!     Johnathan was so fun to photograph, full of energy, great ideas and lover of Harry Potter.  I enjoyed pretending to get ‘zapped’ by your wand!… Read more »

The Farmer Family

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Get ready for a post of a kid with some of the best smiles…all thanks to daddy!  Todd did such a great job playing with Scotty to get great reactions out of him!  Sweet little Brooklyn is just 4 months old and just the cutest little thing!  Abby, I’m so glad you contacted me to do… Read more »

Sheila & Kristin

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I had so much fun working with this sweet mother/daughter duo!  I’m used to photographing men and women together and parents with small children but not two women together.  This was a great little challenge for me!  I’m really excited with how these turned out, and Kristin, I promise some day when you are no longer… Read more »

Sawyer 6 months

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So I wrote this post about 3 weeks ago right before Sawyer turned 6 months.  I finally got around to taking the picture today.   Sawyer has been here for half of a year.  It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been that long but at the same time it feels like he’s been… Read more »

The Connell Family

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I’m so glad the Connell family braved this chilly windy day, because I am absolutely in love with this session!  Jeff and Katie had family visiting from New Hampshire and took the opportunity to get a few family photos. Meet Tim, Rachel and Laliah.  So wish they lived in CA!     I sent them… Read more »

Felipe Family Portraits

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Okay, get ready to witness a family that has the most beautiful eyes.  Especially the girls!  I met this sweet mama at the park a few weeks ago and our boys hit it off.  Our babies like each other too.  I also love listening to her Irish accent (the mama, not the baby). See, I… Read more »

Maisey’s 1st birthday cake smash

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This session may possibly be the most proud I have ever been of my photography.  I’ve been doing online photography courses and I really feel like the things I’m implementing are starting to show a big difference in my work.  It also doesn’t hurt that I took pictures of the cutest family in a really… Read more »