Sawyer 6 months

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So I wrote this post about 3 weeks ago right before Sawyer turned 6 months.  I finally got around to taking the picture today.   Sawyer has been here for half of a year.  It’s a little hard to believe that it’s been that long but at the same time it feels like he’s been… Read more »

The Connell Family

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I’m so glad the Connell family braved this chilly windy day, because I am absolutely in love with this session!  Jeff and Katie had family visiting from New Hampshire and took the opportunity to get a few family photos. Meet Tim, Rachel and Laliah.  So wish they lived in CA!     I sent them… Read more »

Felipe Family Portraits

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Okay, get ready to witness a family that has the most beautiful eyes.  Especially the girls!  I met this sweet mama at the park a few weeks ago and our boys hit it off.  Our babies like each other too.  I also love listening to her Irish accent (the mama, not the baby). See, I… Read more »

Maisey’s 1st birthday cake smash

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This session may possibly be the most proud I have ever been of my photography.  I’ve been doing online photography courses and I really feel like the things I’m implementing are starting to show a big difference in my work.  It also doesn’t hurt that I took pictures of the cutest family in a really… Read more »

Allex Family Grand Canyon

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Thank goodness for family pictures at the Grand Canyon.  This was the only day the Allex family showered while camping.      My favorite.   I will cherish this picture forever.  So glad we had friends to share this fun trip with (and to snap this photo). This is Sebastian’s “I really want the candy… Read more »

Werner Family Grand Canyon

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Last week we met our friends from Denver in the Grand Canyon.  It just so happens that the Grand Canyon is half way between SF and Denver!  While camping at the Grand Canyon our families took the opportunity to (shower and) take pics in front of this giant hole in the ground.   Someone pointed… Read more »

Avi’s 1st Birthday Party

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If you’ve been to my son’s birthday parties (or seen the blog posts), then you know I love themed parties and this beach themed party was so much fun! What made it even better was that it was right next to the beach!  Have I mentioned yet that I love living on an Island!?! Starting… Read more »

Henry turns 4, Audrey turns 1!

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Henry and his little sister Audrey had one big birthday bash!  This was my first (ever) of 4 birthday party shoots in the next month.  I’m so excited that shooting birthday parties is a thing…or I’m making it a thing, because it is perfect for me!  I love candid event shooting, I love being around… Read more »

Sawyer 5 months

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I feel like not a whole lot has changed since last month.  Sawyer can roll over both ways now, but hardly ever does.  He doesn’t seem quite as quick to hit milestones as Sebastian was and I’m okay with that.  I’m definitely not ready for him to start becoming more mobile any time soon!  He is… Read more »

The Secret of Happiness

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You guys, I think I’ve found the secret to happiness.  At least my version of it, and it feels so good.  So all you have to do to find it too is to move to California.  Okay, just kidding, kind of, but it definitely seems to have worked for me.  Here’s how:   1. Being… Read more »