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I had so much fun working with this sweet mother/daughter duo!  I’m used to photographing men and women together and parents with small children but not two women together.  This was a great little challenge for me!  I’m really excited with how these turned out, and Kristin, I promise some day when you are no longer a teenager, these will be worth more then gold to you!


Sheila&Kristen01 Sheila&Kristen02 Sheila&Kristen03 Sheila&Kristen04 Sheila&Kristen05 Sheila&Kristen06

Kristin, you are so stunning.  I really hope this helps you decide to do senior portraits!

Sheila&Kristen07 Sheila&Kristen08 Sheila&Kristen09


7 Responses to “Sheila & Kristin”

  1. Kristine B

    These two are SO gorgeous! I wish I had photos like this with my mom during my teen years. So great!

  2. zach and sarah

    Kristin is STUNNING, and obviously, she gets it from her mama! I am in awe of how beautiful these images are, and I am so proud of this mama for deciding they need pics together. What a gift. I’m just in love with these. Way to go!

  3. Bobbi

    I love this entire session :D :D What a gift you’ve given to these beautiful women. High fives friend!

  4. Caitlynn

    Awe, I wish more people would do this. Man, I love the lighting in all these, and these ladies are crazy beautiful. Gorgeous work.


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