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Okay, get ready to witness a family that has the most beautiful eyes.  Especially the girls!  I met this sweet mama at the park a few weeks ago and our boys hit it off.  Our babies like each other too.  I also love listening to her Irish accent (the mama, not the baby).


See, I told you about the eyes…

Oh, heart melted!Felipe03

I spy some toofers! Felipe04

Ha, I love Niall’s expression.  He’s like, okay fine, I’ll put my hands in the air, happy?Felipe05  Felipe06

Every kid loves this!

Have I mentioned I absolutely love living 5 minutes from the beach?…Only a zillion times!

This one may be my favorite.  Love the laughs!
Felipe09  Felipe10  Felipe11  


Felipe_086 Felipe14  Felipe15  Felipe16

Oh my gosh, I love this one so much.  So much personality! Felipe17

11 Responses to “Felipe Family Portraits”

  1. Kristine B

    TOO MUCH CUTE. My heart is on cuteness overload. What a gorgeous mom… the whole family is! Awesome images!

  2. maike

    Oh how cute! What an adorable family! Love mom and her little boy shot. But really they are all so sweet!

  3. Natalie

    What an adorable family! And YES!! WOW that momma’s eyes are so cool! Great job!

  4. Caitlynn

    I’m so jealous of your beach location. Such beautiful images of a beautiful family. And, yes, you are so right. Mom’s eyes are stunning.

  5. Kendra

    This session is killer! From the locations, to the outfits and moms eyes! Holy Moly those blue eyes suck me in every image!! What a perfect little family <3

  6. Karen

    So much love here! These are some adorable littles! I love how you caught the happy love with everyone in the family!

  7. jenny g

    1) SO jealous you live in this sort of paradise! 2) This family is beautiful, and I totally agree about the eyes! 3) You can totally see this little guy’s personality, and it is all things adorable!! His big brother kiss?!!! HEART MELTED!

  8. zach and sarah

    Love the colors in these….and wow! Her eyes! Cute kids, beautiful family, timeless images!


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