Scott + Lisa + Amber + Marlowe

I know I haven’t blogged in a while but I assure you I am still here.  I’ve actually been shooting like crazy and working on building my business and of course keeping busy with my crazy boys.  For some reason, blogging just seems like the ‘extra’ that just doesn’t get done.  I’m going to try to maintain a better blogging schedule soon!


Today I have one of my most recent shoots I’m so excited to share with you (I’ll try to catch up on some of the older shoots I’ve done in the next few weeks).  I have photographed sweet little Amber before and was so excited when her mom wanted to do a maternity/family session at my favorite location.  They came dressed to impress and completely rocked the session.  This is definitely some of my best work yet!  I’m so excited to share these with you and can’t wait until baby boy is here!


Amber is going to be the sweetest big sister!

Ben + Angel + Rose

Even though the wind was blowing and the news was calling for “freezing temperatures” around the Bay Area, this family came out to the beach with their sweet 5 month old and rocked it out.  Don’t worry, we took several breaks to bundle and warm up Rose and even though it was windy and cold for the Bay Area, it wasn’t nearly as cold as many other states!  She’s such a sweet baby and even with just a 15 minute nap, she did so great!  The added flowers gave a nice touch and made me *almost* feel like I was in Hawaii…someday soon hopefully I will be!

Angel, you looked absolutely beautiful and I’m so excited that a client of mine was available to do your makeup! 

Sebastian’s 4th birthday

I always really enjoy planning my kids birthday parties.  I usually plan for months.  I barely got this party put together in time but thankfully my parents were in town to help with all the details!

4 years ago (on the 9th) we were in the hospital with a newborn and the winter olympics had just started.  We spent a lot of his first sweet newborn days on the couch watching the olympics.  So when Matt came up with the idea of having an Olympic themed birthday 4 years later, I couldn’t have been more excited.  Also, thank you California for having 70 degree sunny days in February!  I never thought I would be able to do outside birthday parties.

Olympic torches.

I’ve never been much of a baker or decorator but it turns out that one of my favorite parts of their birthdays is making and decorating their cakes!

“Hold my [juice] beer”

Our mascots.

The gold winner!

My big 4 year old!

Here are Sebastian’s past birthday parties.

Sebastian’s 3rd birthday

Sebastian’s 2nd birthday

Sebastian’s 1st birthday

Sebastian is 4

I have a four year old.  Those words are pretty hard to believe.  3 still feels like a baby.  4 feels old.  He’s tall and skinny.  His shorter hair cut and that light weight hoodie I bought him the other day just makes him look so grown up.

I’m not going to lie.  This past year has been pretty dang challenging with a 3 year old (who had to adjust to a new life in a new state and a new brother).  I don’t want to focus on the challenging bits here though.  Not today.  I’ve focused on it so much the past year that I’m just going to talk about all the good things.

He’s smart, he’s sweet, he’s oh so handsome.  He’s a complete social butterfly and has made us so many great friends this year.  Without fail, every time we are at the park or a play place, the times we don’t bring a friend along, he’ll find a new one.  He just goes up to them and start playing with them.  I love this about him.  He also gets along pretty well with other kids.  He seems to thrive in preschool and listens much better there then he does at home.  I have no doubt that he will love school and kindergarten, which is only (gulp) a year and a half away.

He loves helping out.  He helps me cook and he helps me clean…even if the cleaning takes some persuasion.  He helps with his little brother, throwing diapers away and grabbing me new ones.  We’ve started a nightly routine where he will give Sawyer a kiss and a hug and gets his room ‘ready’ for him.  He turns on the sound machine, turns off the light, closes the door but leaves it open ‘just a little bit’ just like he asks us to do for him.

He is independent.  He gets himself dressed and wipes his own butt and brushes his own teeth.  He will move chairs to make himself taller to reach things he needs (or shouldn’t have).  He enjoys helping walk the dog and pushing Sawyer in the little umbrella stroller.  He learned how to ride a peddle bike at 3 and a half.  He’s coordinated and strong.

Ever since last summer we started going to the high school’s baseball field that is less then a block away in the evenings or on the weekends.  We take the dog and meet up with friends and their dogs and it’s become one big adult, kid and dog party.  The other day we had about 8 adults or so, 6 kids and several dogs hanging out and playing with all people who live on our street. I hope he remembers this and looks fondly on these days when he gets older.

We spend our weekdays as a little threesome.  Sebastian, Sawyer and I.  They are spent going to play places and parks and the zoo and preschool and soccer and walks and going to the corner store and to the shops on Park Street or just sometimes hanging around at home or a friends house.  I know I will be sad when I no longer get him to myself all day every day.  These times are so, so precious.  We spend our weekends with daddy either getting things done around the house or exploring the awesomeness that is the Bay Area.

He loves playing with cars (still) and Legos and Magnatiles.  He’s been on a Transformers kick (and finally got a couple for his birthday).  Before that he’d pretend just any toy or object was a transformer.  We bought him tickets for a Monster Truck rally and he, his dad and his Uncle Peter are going.  I know he’s going to love it.

I love being a mom to these two boys and I wouldn’t change a single thing.  I’m so lucky that I get to stay at home with them and spend every precious minute getting to raise them and watch them grow.

Happy 4th birthday to the guy whose smile has always been the biggest, best smile I’ve ever seen.

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Vince + Armiee + Winter

I moved to California a year ago January and until recently I forgot how green and beautiful California is in the winter.  After this latest session, I’ve decided that winter is the perfect time for family portraits.  The sun sets early so sessions start around 4 or 4:30 (unlike summer when it is past most kids bedtime).  If you are reading this and are waiting until summer to book a session, I would book now instead!

This family is what we refer to in the photography community as my ‘ideal client’.  They came dressed in perfect outfits, with little accent pieces (earrings and headband), they were super sweet and so fun to photograph!  It also happened to be at my favorite location in Alameda.

Winter has the sweetest little smile!!

Hello golden light.  This is why I do these sessions so close to sunrise or sunset!

Kevin + Jessica + Frances + Eleanor

From the minute I pulled up at their house, I knew it was going to be a great session.  You see, I’ve been swooning over the gorgeous homes in Alameda since I moved here a year ago and I finally got to photograph one inside and out!  Then add in the sweetest, fun and laid back family and one super easy two year old (surely that has to be an oxymoron!), and the sweetest little newborn with the silliest dogs and you have the perfect shoot.  My cheeks hurt after editing these because I was smiling so much. I kept telling my friend who was working across from me (while our kids played at a local play cafe) things like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is just the cutest family’ and ‘I just can’t get over how cute these photos are!’.

Could this street be any cuter!?  I mean seriously, Alameda is a town straight out of a storybook.  

Did this photo make you yawn when you saw it?  Because it did to me!

As you can see little Frances has the prettiest red hair.  I’m already planning a wedding for her and Sawyer…making sure I get some red headed grand babies!

These guys were showing off for me just a little.

Frances has the cutest little face.  And look at her baby sisters little sleeping smile.  Swoon!

Diego + Ashley + Oliver + Potato

I absolutely love sunrise shoots and this one at my favorite location in Alameda did not disappoint!  I met the sweetest little family with their pug in tow last fall and had so much fun taking their pictures.  Just look at this little guys adorable little smile!




Patrick + Katie + Leo + Issac ~ Alameda Family Photography

My first shoot of the year started out with a bang!  We took the photos in their gorgeous home (I’m forever going to be obsessed with all of these cute homes in Alameda!!) Baby Isaac couldn’t wait to meet his little family and came on Christmas Eve 4 weeks early.  My boys were 8 pounds and 9.7 pounds so this little guy looked so tiny.  Also, these two boys have the cutest cheeks in all of Alameda!


Sasha + Carys + Savva Alameda Family Portraits

I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately (I’m probably sounding a bit like a broken record) but this session may just be my favorite family session to date!  Everything from the location, gorgeous morning light and the cutest little family was perfection!  Loved the outfits they chose and I mean…come on…baby suspenders, you can’t get much cuter then that!!