The Gal
Behind Silverleaf

My name is Rachael and I enjoy walks on the beach and quiet nights at home. Just kidding, I love playing with my two crazy boys and being a stay at home mama/photographer. I live in Alameda, California and cannot get enough of the amazing views and gorgeous California weather. I love taking my boys to the park, zoo, beach and spending all day every day together. Every day is a fun new adventure!

The Why

My first creative spark came while I was sitting with my dad in front of a beautiful Montana waterfall. He was teaching me how to use a fast shutter speed to freeze droplets and how to slow it down to make the waterfall look creamy and dreamy. Shortly after that, he gave me his old film camera and ever since then I’ve been hooked. My business has evolved from shooting landscapes and my dog in high school, college graduations when I was in college, engagements and weddings in my 20s and now that I’m a mom of young children, I find my favorite area of photography is now young families.

The Experience

My goal is to create fun and memorable experiences for my clients. I love using interactive posing to keep images fresh and light. As a former teacher, I know how to get kids to feel comfortable and make it feel more like a play date then a photo session. We play red light green light, spin around, have family tickle fights and so many other fun activities. We have so much fun in a session that many of my clients become lasting friendships. The end goal? Timeless, beautiful images you feel proud to share with your friends and family.