Kevin + Jessica + Frances + Eleanor

From the minute I pulled up at their house, I knew it was going to be a great session.  You see, I’ve been swooning over the gorgeous homes in Alameda since I moved here a year ago and I finally got to photograph one inside and out!  Then add in the sweetest, fun and laid back family and one super easy two year old (surely that has to be an oxymoron!), and the sweetest little newborn with the silliest dogs and you have the perfect shoot.  My cheeks hurt after editing these because I was smiling so much. I kept telling my friend who was working across from me (while our kids played at a local play cafe) things like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is just the cutest family’ and ‘I just can’t get over how cute these photos are!’.

Could this street be any cuter!?  I mean seriously, Alameda is a town straight out of a storybook.  

Did this photo make you yawn when you saw it?  Because it did to me!

As you can see little Frances has the prettiest red hair.  I’m already planning a wedding for her and Sawyer…making sure I get some red headed grand babies!

These guys were showing off for me just a little.

Frances has the cutest little face.  And look at her baby sisters little sleeping smile.  Swoon!


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