Dayton + Nisha + Avi Christmas

I am totally smitten with our little town of Alameda, CA.  It really is this little gem of a place and I still can’t believe we live here.  The best part?  The families I’ve met here.  There are SO many families and it was the perfect place for our little clan to land. This family is definitely one of my favorites!  I’ve wanted to do a Park Street shoot since we moved here and this was well worth the wait.  What’s even better?  I walked to this shoot from my house….and I walk with my family to this street at least once a week.

Tucker’s Ice Cream is definitely my favorite ice cream shop in town.  I’m obsessed with their mango ice cream!

I could do an entire shoot at this cute little book shop.  LOVE it!

Alameda has the coolest old fashioned movie theater.

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