Sawyer’s 1st Birthday Party

Another successful Allex boy birthday party is in the books.   This time we were celebrating Sawyer’s 1st birthday. Here’s a look back to Sebastian’s 1st party.  I’m so glad a couple weeks ago (after talking myself out of it), I decided to go ahead and throw my special boy a big bash because you only turn 1 once!  Another benefit of living in California? Park party in December!  We all threw on our best flannel (which for most of us is our only flannel) and invited a bunch of awesome friends we’ve met since moving.  It ended up being a touch chilly but the beef stew and hot chocolate really hit the spot!   

This is my second attempt ever at making a decorating a cake (1st cake I made here).  It turned out pretty well but like my sister said, you can’t go wrong making a stump!


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