Sawyer 11 months

Disclaimer: Like the past several months I’m pretty late getting this post up…I had all the words written on time but finally got around to taking the picture today. Also this is the biggest smile I’ve gotten out of him in 11 months of these pictures.  Guess I should have had big brother helping all along!

There is only one month left until Sawyer’s first birthday!  I finally just started planning his party.  I thought of the perfect theme for our little Sawyer and I’m really excited about it!   I am also planning on doing a couple 1 year photo shoots for him.  I’m thinking a giant blue balloon at a park would be fun.  Hopefully I can get it all together in time!  These next couple months are going to be busy with his birthday, traveling home and Christmas!  On a sadder note, we lost our sweet dog Oliver this month.  He was my baby before I had my actual babies and I am sad that Sawyer won’t have memories of him.  We had Oliver for over 9 years and it just doesn’t seem right that he is no longer here.

Stats: We’ll get his new stats next month at his 1 year check!  I assure you he is bigger then ever, this boy can eat!

Likes: He loves playing with balls.  He’ll throw or hit them, then chase after them and throw them again.  He loves following his big brother around.  He loves being outside.  He’s getting so much fun to play with and hasn’t been quite as fussy lately, thank goodness!  I think this may be my favorite age for Sawyer so far.  He’s just so much happier and so much fun!

Dislikes:  He doesn’t like an empty highchair tray…he’ll yell at you until you get him more food.

Nicknames: Lately we have been calling him our little puppy.  He will put a toy in his mouth and then crawl around with it.  It’s so cute and looks just like a little puppy especially when it’s one of his little balls.

Firsts:  Sawyer celebrated his first Halloween!  Sebastian wanted to be Batman so naturally, his little sidekick was destined to be Robin.  I made their costumes and was so excited to put them on…they ended up wearing them four different times!  Trick or treating was (crazy) but fun in our awesome town.

Milestones: He’s taken a couple steps once or twice and seems pretty stable on his feet.  He can sometimes stand for several seconds at a time.  Walking is definitely not far off!

Sleep: I don’t think we’ll ever sleep again.  If it’s not Sawyer up in the middle of the night, it’s Sebastian or both of them.  We maybe get one night a week where neither of them wake up.  It’s actually been Sebastian more then Sawyer recently.  I think moving Sebastian into our room so many times when trying to sleep train Sawyer messed him up.

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  Sebastian and Sawyer are now starting to go longer spurts of playing together.  Like 10-20 minutes or so at a time.  It’s so much fun to watch and listen to and I can’t wait for this to get even better.  There however is a little bit of “I had that first” and “no Sawyer, that’s mine” happening, but that is to be expected.


A look back:

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