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So much has been going on lately I figured I should do a little update post!


Photography- My business has really picked up and I’ve been basically booked solid all fall.  I have absolutely loved meeting so many new families, and taking so many great photos.  I’m so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world!  I’m a little behind with posting some of them to the blog, but plan to catch up as soon as I can!  I’m trying to soak it all in now, because I’m sure things will die down a lot in the off season come January.

Sebastian- He has been loving preschool and has made so many friends.  When he first started there, he was the only boy and a even though a couple have enrolled since, I’m pretty sure he has claimed his spot as the ladies man.  I keep getting the “Oh, your Sebastian’s mom…my daughter talks about him allll the time” and I’m all like and who is your kid?  He’s also excelling in soccer, I love watching him play every week with his little bestie.  He’s picking up on number sense and his letters at an alarming rate for a 3 year old.  He can count objects and recognizes numbers up to at least 30…even though we’ve barely worked on it.  He knows most of his letters and we just started working on learning to spell his (long) name.  His behavior has also gotten way better…not as much screaming and getting mad at little things.  Maybe that’s because we are in his last few months of being 3 or maybe our behavior interventions have been working.  I’m just hoping this continues to get better!

Sawyer- My sweet baby Sawyer.  Well, he is better then ever.  The fussiness has gone WAY down.  He doesn’t always insist on me holding him, he’ll play by himself and with his brother.  He has the best laugh and cutest giant front two teeth with a big gap in the middle.  I’m behind (like always) on his 11 month blog post but will hopefully get that up soon.  I’ve started planning his first birthday party and can’t wait!

Me- Well despite some set backs…a stolen bike, a dog dying, losing my iPhone, having tooth pain and a tooth extraction/implant coming up, and the daily grind of being a stay-at-home mom…I’ve been doing really well.  I couldn’t love my life more.  I feel like I’m pretty much in the best shape of my life and after gaining 38 pounds with my 9 pound 7 ounce baby, I have lost all the pregnancy weight + 9 pounds.  If you saw me you probably wouldn’t be able to tell though because all my clothes are so baggy.  It’s been the ultimate mom diet.  I walk around town daily either pushing a stroller or carrying a (heavy) baby, I eat really healthy because I refuse to have unhealthy food in the house with my snack crazed 3 year old.  I also end up sharing a lot of my food with two littles… I’ve also been inconsistently going to the gym, but need to make it a priority because that’s the only me time I can get (besides my daily shower).

Matt-He’s doing well too.  He’s enjoying his job and is gone from about 8:30am-6:15pm.  He only has a 12 minute commute which in the bay area is practically unheard of.    He continues to work hard to support our little family and I have no doubt that his job success will continue now that we live in the Bay Area.

The dogs- My sweet, sweet puppy Oliver died a few weeks ago.  We rescued him from the shelter 9 and a half years ago and he was the best little sidekick to our black lab Jake.  He was my baby before I had my babies and was the cuddliest dog.  He definitely had his quirks…he wasn’t very nice to other dogs, was afraid of the vacuum and sweeper, sometimes growled at our kids and was over dramatic…but he was ours.  He left this world quickly and painlessly by my side laying on the rug in the boys room.  My heart still hurts to think of him and how Jake hasn’t been quite the same without him.  Since moving to the city in January, the dogs haven’t adjusted as well as the rest of us and we are doing our best to now keep Jake happy by petting him often and taking him on as many walks as possible.

Alameda- Our little island has proven to be the perfect place for us to live.  It’s so kid friendly and puts on a lot of great events.  There’s never a shortage of things to do or friends to hang out with. Halloween was awesome and I can’t wait to see Christmas in Alameda!


I haven’t been posting as much on social media as I used to.  I’m not totally sure why…but I do post more on Instagram then I do Facebook nowadays. 

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