Marc + Alissa + Laelle + Tovah + Boden

I love living in a ‘big’ city and Alameda is such a little gem.  (I put big in quotations because not everyone around here considers Alameda a big city…especially when we have San Francisco across the bay).  It’s the perfect place for families to live.  There are plenty of parks, the beach and cute little shops, restaurants and toys stores.  I met Alissa and her sweet kiddos at one of the many little parks and enjoyed watching her 3 kids run around.  Alissa told me that they’ve done pictures at all of the usual spots around town and I knew I wanted to give them something different. I suggested the old Army base (which has the coolest old buildings) for more of a rustic shoot.  These three kids had a ton of energy and I enjoyed chasing after them!



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