Sawyer 10 months

It’s a good thing that Sawyer is almost one because I’m getting later and later with getting his monthly picture taken (and it’s getting harder and harder)!  I had this post written on time but I am about 3 weeks late with the picture.

Just two more months until Sawyer is 1.  I better start planning his birthday party soon!  Oh sweet, fussy Sawyer.  He can definitely be described as sweet and sour.  He has the sweetest little face, smile and laugh, but still can be so fussy.  There is still so much crying.  I’m definitely holding out for an easy toddlerhood since being a baby seemed to be so tough on him. We love him so much and it’s been such a joy watching him grow and learn. 

Stats: See his 9 month post

Likes: He loves playing with balls and playing ‘catch’.  He loves rocking on the elephant Grandma CC made our for family when Sebastian was 10 months old.  The gigantic smile he gets on his face when rocking back and forth is the cutest.  Sebastian loves climbing on the back and rocking with him.

Dislikes:  Playing independently for more then a few minutes.  Now that he is crawling, he follows me everywhere and just wants to be picked up.

Nicknames: I put nicknames as one of these categories every month because Sebastian had all kinds of them, but we don’t really seem to give Sawyer many.  I guess we still call him Booty a lot.  Not sure where that came from or why.  I guess it’s a term of endearment.

Firsts:  First solo mommy Sawyer day.  Daddy took Sebastian to an Indy car race and Sawyer and I hung out by ourselves all day.  

Milestones: He is crawling like crazy…my favorite is when he gets really excited about something and crawls so fast towards it, that it almost looks like his body is vibrating.  He’s pulling up on everything and cruising.  He can stand holding onto things with one hand and his chunky legs look so steady.  I’m sure we’ll have a walker by Christmas.  He finally started saying mama this month but that is so far his only word…but it is definitely my favorite.  I’m pretty happy they both said mama first.  His top teeth have also come through as you can kind of see in this picture.  They seem big and have a big gap in the middle and they are just the cutest!

Sleep: Well he is night weaned and mostly has good nights.  His naps have been pretty consistent one from about 9:30-11:30 and another around 2:00-4:00.  He’s been waking up around 7:00 or 7:30 which is earlier then his brother, so I enjoy having some extra one-on-one time with him.  He goes to bed earlier then Sebastian, around 8:00 so it’s nice getting one-on-one time with Sebastian then.

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  I have been getting these awesome little spurts of them playing together and it’s just so great.  They will chase each other around crawling and playing.  So far it only lasts for a couple minutes at a time but I know it will get longer and longer.  This is why we had Sawyer…to give Sebastian a playmate!  Sebastian continues to be the sweetest big brother but loves being in Sawyers space…like right on top of him.


This month I am watching one of Sawyer’s little playmate a few mornings a week.  It’s pretty stinking cute to see these two little babies crawling around and pulling up on things together.

A look back:

Sebastian 10 months

Sawyer 9 months

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