Matt + Rachael + Sebastian + Sawyer ~ Alameda, California

Since I have moved to Cali, I have been fortunate to meet two other photographers to trade photos with.  The first time I left the boys at home and met this husband and wife photographer team to take photos of each other.  This last time I met a fellow photographer who has two daughters closet to the same ages as my boys.  We had so much fun meeting and trading sessions and now need to get our kids together for a play date!  You can see their sweet session here.

So I was way more nervous for getting my family photos taken then I ever am shooting photos.  There is so much pressure to get everything together and everyone ready and then not knowing how the kids would behave.  Luckily everything went super smooth, Sebastian had a great time, Matt even seemed to enjoy himself and Sawyer didn’t cry…much (that’s a win).

My two sweet, crazy, rambunctious boys.  My heart swells just looking at these photos of them.

Sebastian has always been my super handsome, smiley boy!

The sweetest face ever!

Sawyer thinks Sebastian is pretty much the coolest person alive. 

This boy is my complete mini me…in looks and personality.  

Sebastian has always been daddy’s boy.  It’s safe to say he is pretty much obsessed with Matt.  Love this sweet photo of the two of them.

My little chunky monkey.

Like I said, Sawyer not crying = a win.

I love walking family photo shots!  

That chubby little hand with dimples is my favorite.   

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