7 Years!

Today is Matt and my 7th year anniversary!  So much has happened in the 10 years we’ve know each other.  We met in Indiana the year after I graduated from college.  He was working for a racing team and I was living at my parents house substitute teaching. We met on Match.com and instantly hit it off.  (This is actually a pretty good story for another post).  We moved in together 2 months after knowing each other.  Our black lab Jake was a year old when I met Matt and year after we met got our pound puppy Oliver.   We got tired of renting after a year so Matt bought a house.  A couple months later, Matt’s race team went under and he got a job in Michigan and I stayed in Indiana.  He was in Michigan for an entire winter and it was terrible.  So much snow which kept him from being able to visit Indiana a few times and the house he was living in burned down (gas leak in the middle of the night).  He barely got out in his boxers and boots he had by the door.  Shortly after he got a job in North Carolina working for another race team.  He proposed that spring and I followed him out there at the end of the summer.

We lived in North Carolina for 7 years.  We bought our second house on 7 wooded acres.  I had several different teaching jobs including Kindergarten, 3rd grade and ESL.  I kept my photography business going and had so many amazing clients.  We brought home both of our babies to that house, celebrated several birthdays and Christmas’.  Right after Sawyer was born, Matt had a job interview in California and we packed up our entire house in about two weeks and headed west.  And here we are…living in a tiny apartment loving California.  Matt loves his job and I love staying at home with the boys and growing my photography business.

I couldn’t be happier with the life we have built together and so glad we found each other.  I’m so appreciative that Matt has now taken me out of my comfort zone twice to experience life on both coasts.  I recently unearthed the wedding slideshow my dad made for us so I wanted to share some gems from the past.

And here is one of our more recent photos.  I love the little family and life we have created for ourselves and wouldn’t change a thing!

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