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My bestie from high school and college has been doing my website for me since I started my business back in 2011.  We’ve had a few new websites relaunch over the years and this one is definitely the best yet!  Please take a look around and let me know what you think!

I’ve been working on a lot of professional development lately and perfecting my craft.  Moving to California and quitting my teaching job has given me the time and creative space to do a lot more with my business.  While doing all this I’ve been reflecting a lot on my journey.  It actually started on a rock in front of a waterfall sitting next to my dad. He always had a knack for photography and was teaching me how to take photos of the waterfall.  After that he let me borrow (have) one of his cameras.  I took two photography classes in high school where I learned how to use the dark room and set up one up in my high school boyfriend’s basement.  Once in college, I pursued a teaching degree, but the photography bug never went away.  I was on my dorms art’s council as the photography coordinator, taught other students how to use the darkroom and hosted photography shows in our little coffee shop.  I also worked for a company taking pictures at graduations and worked in the photography lab printing pictures and learning how to edit.  The summer after my first year of teaching I had a couple weddings on the books and decided to start my business.  I contacted my friend and that summer Silverleaf Photography was born.  The following year my business took off.  A year later I moved to North Carolina with my fiance, (now husband) started my business back up and continued to teach.  The year my first son, Sebastian was born, I had 15 weddings + portraits and engagement shoots along with teaching full time and being a first time mom. By the end of the year I knew something had to give, I couldn’t continue to do all three so I scaled back my business.  Fast forward to having our second baby, Sawyer, Matt got a new job so I quit my teaching job and we made our big move to California.  All of which happened within a month of each other.  Now here we are.  I’m waking up early and working during nap times. It’s time for the hustle!  My goal is to have a thriving business by the time my boys are in elementary school.  If you are reading this I hope you stick around for the ride and thanks for reading!


In honor of my website launch I wanted to share some photos from a recent shoot of me.  I met a local husband and wife photo team at a beautiful vineyard to swap photo sessions.  Here are the pictures I took of them.  It was so much fun playing the model for a little while!


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