Logan + Megan + Bella + Grayson + Brea ~ Alameda, California

I’ve been trying to get this gorgeous family in front of my camera all summer and we finally made it happen early one morning last week.  Sunrise shoot for the win!!  I promise, it’s so worth getting up early (or in Logan’s case staying up late) for a shoot like this!

Dysert_1  Dysert_2  Dysert_3  Dysert_4  Dysert_5  Dysert_6  Dysert_7  Dysert_8  Dysert_9  Dysert_10

Even Brea the dog has a great smile!! Dysert_11  Dysert_12  Dysert_13  Dysert_14

This little beauty look just like her mom!
Dysert_15  Dysert_16  Dysert_17  Dysert_18  Dysert_19  Dysert_20  Dysert_21  Dysert_22  Dysert_23  Dysert_24  Dysert_25  Dysert_26

And the last one of just Brea, because let’s face it, she was kinda the star of the show!! Dysert_27


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