Sawyer 9 months

Disclaimer:  This post was written a couple weeks ago and the photo was taken yesterday.  He’s about 9 and a half months now…

Sawyer is just 3 months away from a year old!  These last few months have been flying by like summer usually does.  This month he finally started crawling!  We baby proofed the fire place so he wouldn’t bonk his head, but as of yet he hasn’t really started getting into things.  He actually doesn’t crawl too far away from where ever I am and if I leave the room, he’ll start crawling after me.  Also when we aren’t at home, he’ll stay within a few steps (or crawls) from me.  Hopefully this will continue as he walks because I remember how exhausting constantly chasing after Sebastian was!  At this point Sebastian had said a few words (and hasn’t stopped talking since), but Sawyer has yet to say his first word.  I’m hoping that means he will be a quieter, more reserved kid!  I’m still holding out hope that his first words will be mama, like Sebastian.  He still just continues to be the sweetest little guy albeit cranky.  He learned this month how to throw his head back when he’s upset…made for an interesting plane ride in those small seats on the way home from our trip. We are so in love with our little boy and while I’m excited for him to get bigger, my heart breaks every time we give away things he’s grown out of.  We only have a few months left of him being a baby, and I’m not ready to let babyhood go.  I hope I always remember how chubby his feet are, how soft and kissable his little head is and how his baby giggles just melt my heart.


Stats: 29.5 inches (95th percentile) 20 pounds 8 ounces (70th percentile).

Likes: Still prefers Mommy over pretty much anything else.

Dislikes:  Sawyer had roseola (fever for a couple days and then a rash) this month, and was pretty crabby (even crabbier then usual) for about a week.

Nicknames: We’ve been calling him bubba, and bubs (because, brother).  Also booty?  Like “hi-ya booty”.

Firsts:  Trip to St. Louis and the Lake of the Ozarks.  First total solar eclipse (although he slept right through it).

Milestones: Crawling boy!  He’s also started pulling up on things…mostly on people, but can pull him up to stand at the fireplace and couch.  He looks pretty proud of himself when he gets into a standing position.

Sleep: I’m not really excited to talk about this.  After a few failed attempts of night weaning, I’m starting to think I’ll be up with him every night until he leaves for college.  Why is this so hard this time around???

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  Sebastian’s finally starting to be able to play with him a little more…I just can’t wait until the two of them can play together for hours!

A look back:

Sebastian 9 months

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