Sawyer 8 months


Sawyer is 8 months and is on the cusp of doing so many big things.  He’s trying to figure out crawling, and trying to pull up on things.  Our world is so close to changing yet again once he becomes mobile.  We are in such a sweet spot right now…for the past 2 months, he has been much happier sitting and playing for longer periods of time, but can’t go anywhere/get into things yet.  It’s crazy because every time he’s up on his knees, I get so excited and I encourage him to crawl, then I think, wait, nooo, I don’t want you to crawl, I’m not ready.  Such is parenthood!


Stats:  We will have his check-up next month, so will post stats then!

Likes: Mommy.  He’s definitely a mama’s boy (yay)!  He gets so excited to see me and when he’s in daddy or someone else’s arms, he reaches for me. He also is really starting to notice the dogs and will reach out for them, laugh and smile at them.

Dislikes:  Being sick…at least I dislike him being sick.  He’s had a little cold this week and I hate it.  He’s stuffed up and not sleeping well and it just breaks my heart.  Here’s to hoping it doesn’t last long.

Nicknames: Sebastian has been calling him “hot sauce” recently??  Not sure where that one came from but it’s kinda cute.

Firsts:  First trip to see the Redwoods!  First trip to a famous? beach…Santa Cruz.

Milestones: Sawyer is crawling….backwards.  Haha, no forward progress yet, but he definitely can get around.  I’ll put him on one side of the rug and he’ll end up on the other.  He also got his bottom two teeth this month!  He’s been babbling a lot…saying mamama, dadada, bububu, bababa but hasn’t said an actual word to us yet.

Sleep: Oh sleep.  I have not slept through the night in 8 months.  Sawyer, any day now would be nice!

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  I came into the living room the other day and Sebastian was reading “Hop on Pop” to Sawyer.  The cutest part of that was that Sebastian got most of the pages right because we’ve read it enough times to him.  I love watching their relationship grow and think Sebastian is going to love when Sawyer starts crawling.

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