Sawyer 7 months



This summer has been flying by and I can’t believe Sawyer is already 7 months old.  Didn’t he just start sitting up yesterday and how is he already doing beginning stages of crawling?  At this point Sebastian had one tooth with the other one about to poke through and was making some forward progress scooting himself on his belly.  I’m kinda glad to report that Sawyer has done neither but I’m sure they will happen soon.  Nursing is still going great and over the last few months has gotten so much easier then I ever had it with Sebastian.


Sawyer has the sweetest face and most edible cheeks.  I seriously can’t get enough of kissing him.  He gives the best open mouth gummy laughs when turned upside down and tickled.  It my absolute favorite thing to do with him.   He also has lashes for days and the prettiest red hair/eyebrows. I love his fuzzy, soft hair and will kiss his head no less then 304857 times a days.  I feel like he just gets cuter and cuter the older he gets.  His personality is starting to show through and thankfully he seems to be a little bit more reserved then Sebastian.  Maybe he will end up being more introverted like daddy.  I’m so lucky that I get to spend every single day all day with him!


Stats:  See his 6 month blog post for stats from his last check-up.  And just look at how long those legs are!

Likes: Food, enough said.  He’s liking his jump-a-roo even more and will stay in there a bit longer then he used to…he even reaches for it.  He also loves jumping with help, blowing raspberries, being tickled, he snorts when he laughs and smiles easily (except when trying to take his picture).

Dislikes:  He definitely notices when people walk away and doesn’t always like that.  So far he doesn’t show too many signs of separation anxiety though (goes to “strangers” with no problem)

Nicknames: Sawyer Boyer is a new one this month.  Our family likes names that rhyme…Jaker Baker, Oliver Boliver…

Firsts: First 4th of July and first time watching a parade.  First time reaching for mommy!  He was sitting on the floor and fell over.  When he started crying, Matt picked him up and he reached for me.  Hoping he will stay a mama’s boy!

Milestones: Sawyer gets up on knees and rocks back and forth.  He is trying so hard to get around but so far not much forward progress.  He will go from a sitting position to laying on his belly by lunging forward.  He is also starting to try to crawl up on me and if we stand him up on a object, he can stand there holding himself up for about a minute.

Sleep: This has actually been better for the past week.  After several nights of him waking up 4 times a night, I was starting to ask questions about crying it out.  Then magically he went to only waking up once a night.  I should probably still consider cry it out because we have to rock him to sleep, I just don’t know if I can put my baby through that.  Sawyer naps 3 times a day.  Between 9:30, 1:30 and around 5:00.  His bedtime is 8:30 and wakes up around 7:30.

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  Still the best big brother ever.  He makes Sawyer laugh at every chance he gets, brings him toys, helps feed him, this list could go on and on.

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