The Connell Family

I’m so glad the Connell family braved this chilly windy day, because I am absolutely in love with this session!  Jeff and Katie had family visiting from New Hampshire and took the opportunity to get a few family photos.

Meet Tim, Rachel and Laliah.  So wish they lived in CA!


Connell1  Connell2

I sent them this image (early) just in time for Father’s Day.  Such a sweet daddy!

 Connell5  Connell6

Remember Jeff, Katie and Charlie?

Love this one so much…this one needs to get printed for sure!Connell8  Connell9

Another great daddy photo!Connell10

You guys are the cutest!

The whole crew.  What a fun family!Connell12

Sorry ladies reading this who want kids…oh my ovaries!Connell13

Thank you so much Connell family!  We may need to make this a yearly tradition (or however many times you get together in CA).



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