Maisey’s 1st birthday cake smash

This session may possibly be the most proud I have ever been of my photography.  I’ve been doing online photography courses and I really feel like the things I’m implementing are starting to show a big difference in my work.  It also doesn’t hurt that I took pictures of the cutest family in a really cool house!


Happiest of birthdays sweet Maisey!!


Gillian got these adorable decorations from Pippa & Co in Alameda.  I’ll definitely be heading to them next time I need some cute props!

A quick outfit change…

Sweet big sister Avery had to get in the action!  Gillian we definitely need to get our kids together soon!

I don’t have the words to express how much I adore this photo.  I hope these girls feel the same way about this picture when they are older!


Cake time!

Maisey1bday06  Maisey1bday07  Maisey1bday08

Mmm cake!  That little curl just kills me!
Maisey1bday09  Maisey1bday10  Maisey1bday11  Maisey1bday12

Can I just have a moment for this farm sink?!  Love, love, love!

Maisey1bday13  Maisey1bday14  Maisey1bday15  Maisey1bday16  Maisey1bday17

The sweetest face I’ve ever seen!


We had to get one of the whole family!  Dad is just a little outnumbered…I feel you Sean!

Sweet picture taken with quilt made by grandma, check!

Maisey1bday21  Maisey1bday22

Gillian, you are so gorgeous!  I see where your girls get it from!



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