Werner Family Grand Canyon

Last week we met our friends from Denver in the Grand Canyon.  It just so happens that the Grand Canyon is half way between SF and Denver!  While camping at the Grand Canyon our families took the opportunity to (shower and) take pics in front of this giant hole in the ground.



Someone pointed out on Facebook that they looked scary close to the edge.  I assure you they look closer then they really were!GrandCanyon_210 copy  GrandCanyon_213  GrandCanyon_246

I absolutely love this picture of two sweet sisters.  I hope they treasure this forever.
GrandCanyon_249  GrandCanyon_253  GrandCanyon_258

This is Marina’s service dog Jive.  She alerts Mike and Nicole when Marina’s blood sugar is low or high.  We witnessed this about 40384 times on this trip. She’s one incredible dog.  I’m so glad the Werner’s have Jive…type 1 diabetes is hard, and scary.

Matt has known these two friends since college and I’ve known them since I’ve known Matt.  So glad we have kept in touch over the distance.  Looking forward to many more family vacations in the future!


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