Avi’s 1st Birthday Party

If you’ve been to my son’s birthday parties (or seen the blog posts), then you know I love themed parties and this beach themed party was so much fun! What made it even better was that it was right next to the beach!  Have I mentioned yet that I love living on an Island!?!

Starting off with my favorite from the day…I call this the superman pose!


I love elaborate cakes just as much as I love themed parties.  This one did not disappoint!

I mean…fondant flip flops!AviBday3

The perfect party favors! AviBday4

Sweet birthday boy.AviBday5  AviBday6

Little party animal.

AviBday7.5  AviBday7

Time to smash the cake!AviBday8

Avi wasn’t so sure about the cake…

Mommy and daddy stepped in to help.AviBday10  AviBday11

Oh Avi, you have the cutest little smile!AviBday12  AviBday13

Baby friends!!
AviBday14  AviBday15  AviBday16

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