Henry turns 4, Audrey turns 1!

Henry and his little sister Audrey had one big birthday bash!  This was my first (ever) of 4 birthday party shoots in the next month.  I’m so excited that shooting birthday parties is a thing…or I’m making it a thing, because it is perfect for me!  I love candid event shooting, I love being around kids and birthday parties are so much fun.  Double bonus when I get to bring my favorite 3 year old sidekick with me!

Henry had SPIDERMAN at his party…I mean how cool is that?!?!


And the sweet little one year old princess!H&Abday2

Loved all the details, Courtney put into the party.  Especially the capes.  The kids were all so stinking cute running around with superhero capes!

H&Abday3  H&Abday4  H&Abday5  H&Abday6

We set up a fun little photo booth for some of the guests…H&Abday7  H&Abday8


Meeting Spiderman!

All the kids were so excited about Spiderman!


Who knew Spiderman was also a magician!?H&Abday12  H&Abday13  H&Abday14  H&Abday15  H&Abday16

Such a pretty mama and baby!  Gosh, those blue eyes though!

My favorite part of a birthday party….cake time!

H&Abday17  H&Abday18


Audrey wasn’t too excited about her big cake, so we tried a cupcake.H&Abday20

H&Abday21  H&Abday22


Sebastian (my aforementioned sidekick) especially loved the piñata!
H&Abday24  H&Abday25  H&Abday26

What a great party!H&Abday27

Such a beautiful family!

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