5 on Friday {Island Life}

Hello!  Happy Friday!  This is the third night in a row my baby has slept through the night, so I’m feeling good and got up early.  I’m getting some ‘me time’ to drink my tea and write a Friday blog post!


1.  I was driving around my Island yesterday trying to get my kids to take a little nap before we went on to our next thing and it hit me that I live on a Freaking Island. Like seriously, I was thinking is this real life?  We have to drive over a bridge to get off the island, there are palm trees, and we can walk to the beach.  It’s the cutest island ever with like 3 playgrounds in walking distance from our house and has the cutest houses I’ve ever seen.  I can’t get enough of walking around.  We also have a strip of restaurants and stores just a 10 minute walk from our house.  Oh and one of the coolest cities ever (San Fransisco) is just a 20 minute drive over the coolest bridge.  I really couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect place to live.


2.  Speaking of my baby sleeping through the night, he actually started doing it a few months ago and then the last month has been going through this crazy ‘leap’ of cognitive growth and sleep regression.  Thank goodness we are almost done with it!  If you have a baby and find that every few weeks or so he’s fussier then normal, or not sleeping as well check out the app the Wonder Weeks.  It doesn’t fix the fussiness but it at least tells you why and how long its going to last.


3.  You guys, I just got a gym membership two days ago and used it for the first time yesterday!  I went to a barre class and it was awesome.  This is the first time I’ve really worked out since before I was pregnant with Sebastian, so like 4 years ago.  I was able to mostly keep up with the group and didn’t feel like I was dying too much…and the after effects were great.  I really felt great all day (after the initial dizziness and shakiness went away). And so far, I just feel a tiny bit sore today, but I always feel more sore two days after the fact, so we’ll see how tomorrow goes.  I only have about 3 pounds left of pre-pregnancy weight on me, but I still feel way squishier then I did before. And the instructor had some amazing arms…I wouldn’t mind having arms like hers… At this gym you can take your kids to childcare for up to two hours a day, which will give me a little break to workout, shower, or just sit in the back of the gym at the bar with my laptop getting work done.  There is also a decent climbing wall so Matt and I have talked about dropping the kids off at the daycare and going climbing together.


4.  Speaking of work, my photo business is picking up some steam here and I’m so excited.  I think I also may have discovered an untapped market here and something I’m really excited about doing.  I don’t want to talk about it yet (I don’t want to jinx it), so be looking for blog posts in the coming months of shoots I haven’t really done before. I also have my friend (and college roommate) working on revamping my website/brand a little and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with.  She always does an amazing job!  Also, if you are on Instagram and want to follow along on with my business, check out and ‘follow’ my new photography page. https://www.instagram.com/silverleafphotos/


5.  Today we are off to a place called Little Farm in Berkeley.  I think it’s basically a petting zoo, which I know Sebastian will love.  He’s so sweet and say’s ‘hi’ to every animal he sees so this place should be right up his alley.  My boys and I get out of the house 4-5 times a week (mostly with our friends) and we are always finding new, fun places to explore.  I love being a stay at home mom and couldn’t imagine having it any other way at this point.


I hope everyone has a happy Friday!



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