Sawyer 4 months


Sawyer is 4 months old and he is getting so much fun.  He loves ‘talking’ and laughing with people.  Not sure if it’s still too early to tell, but looks like we may have another little social butterfly on our hands.  Sorry Matt, but you may have 3 extroverts on your hands…  He’s also really ticklish and I just live for his giggles and smiles!

We seem to be going through some big crazy cognitive growth spurt as he’s been pretty fussy lately and only wants to be held.  It can be tiring especially when I’m sitting and holding him staring at the messy house but I keep reminding myself that he won’t want to be held for long and to enjoy it.

His hair is thinning out quite a bit on top (and is rubbed off in the back).  But in the sunlight you can see these tiny little RED baby hairs growing in. His eyebrows have always been red and I’m thinking we’ll finally get our redhead.  I’m so excited!  He makes such a cute little redhead.  He is wearing mostly 9 month clothes and I’ve put one 12 month sleep and play on him and it fits pretty well.  I feel like I’m constantly cleaning his closet out because he’s growing so fast!

I’m about 5-6 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and my old clothes are starting to fit much better.  It feels so good to feel and look more like myself again!  Nursing is still going pretty well but this boy eats so much I feel like I’m just barely keeping up with him supply wise.  I’m definitely looking forward to starting him on solids in a couple months!


Stats: 16.2 pounds (99th percentile!) 27 inches (67th percentile) 

Likes:  Listening to mommy and daddy talk and sing to him. Watching big brother.  Playing on his play mat and batting at toys.

Dislikes:  Recently being laid down anywhere by himself.  All he wants to do is be held.

Nicknames:  Buddy butt (bet you can’t guess who calls him this…)

Firsts: First time meeting Uncle Paul and Aunt Sarah, Nana’s first visit to California,

Milestones: Rolls over from front to back (but not back to front yet), loves being tickled and is super ticklish, put objects into his mouth (and chomps like crazy).  Dr. said no teeth yet…he’s just practicing.

Sleep: So he was sleeping through the night but is going through sleep regression and gets up 1-3 times a night.  This is new territory to me because Sebastian never did this.  Luckily when he does wake up, he eats and falls right back asleep.

Sebastian’s reactions to Sawyer:  Sebastian really couldn’t love his little brother more.  You can also tell that he just desperately wants to play with him.  When we put Sawyer in his bumbo chair, Seb will sit in front of him and put toys on his tray (usually cars) and talk to him.  When Sawyer is crying Sebastian will go to him and say “It’s ‘otay’ Sawyer, I’m here.

A look back:

Sebastian 4 months

Sawyer 3 months

Sawyer 2 months

Sawyer 1 month

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