Sebastian is 3!

Sebastian is 3 years old!  Does that mean he’s not a toddler anymore?  He definitely doesn’t seem like a toddler anymore, I guess he’s a preschooler now?  Phew, this year certainly has been a whirlwind!

This was the year where he started developing some really close friendships (we were so sad to move him away from his besties Sarah and Parker!)  We’ve already met a friend in California so I’m looking forward to seeing that relationship grow.

This was the year where Sebastian has taken on his greatest role yet as big brother.  It’s so amazing how much he completely loves and adores Sawyer.  The transition has gone incredibly smooth.  I can’t wait until Sawyer is old enough for them to start playing together.  I’m pretty sure Sebastian can’t wait either.

This was the year Sebastian was potty trained at around 2 and a half.  He was mostly potty trained by the end of the summer when he went back to daycare.  After doing amazing for months, he has regressed a bit (having accidents) after the big move and Sawyer coming which pretty much happened simultaneously.  Now that we are finally getting settled in California, he’s stopped having accidents.

This was also the year of the terrible two’s which started around 2 and a half and finally seem to be subsiding…a little.  Let’s just say there was a lot of whining and screaming…also a few tantrums here and there.

Sebastian knows his shapes and colors and how to count.  Now that I will be home with him all day, we are going to start working on learning his letters and numbers.   He’s great with a screw driver and loves helping daddy fix things.  He’s very inquisitive and has entered into the “why” phase.  He’s been getting really good at doing puzzles.  His favorite toys are his cars..always the cars.  He would play with those things all day every day if it were up to him.

This year I get to stay home with Sebastian (and Sawyer).  I plan to frequently walk to the park and to the beach with them and get together with friends as much as possible.  We are turning in an application for a co-op preschool for the fall and hope we get in.  Until then, I’m going to do a home preschool with him.  Sebastian has been getting really good at riding his strider bike and about gives me a heart attack every time he picks up his feet and puts them on the feet rest of the bike.  He has such great balance and coordination, I’m excited to get him into soccer this spring.  We just had his well check yesterday and he weighed 24 pounds and is 3 feet 2 inches tall.

Sebastian is still daddy’s boy and follows him around like his little shadow.  Their relationship is so fun to watch and Matt really is the best daddy on the planet.





I can’t believe another year has passed and that I have been a mommy for 3 years now.  It’s definitely been the most challenging, but the most fun 3 years of my life!

Sebastian 2 years

Sebastian 1 year



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