The Allex family’s greatest adventure

I suppose it’s time to tell the world our huge news.  Matt accepted a job in California….like basically right after our baby was born.  Talk about a crazy time in our life, Sawyer is almost 1 month old and we have already packed up our entire house and headed to Indiana. The kids and I are hanging out here with my parents for a couple weeks until Matt can find us a place to live. He found a great job as an engineer at a company called Wrightspeed and I get to be a stay at home mommy! We will be living across the bay from San Francisco in either Oakland or on Alameda Island.  We will be about 20-30 minutes away from Matt’s brother and his family.  We currently have an application in at (a tiny) apartment on Alameda Island.  Part of me is hoping we get it and part of me is hoping we don’t and will find something a little bit bigger.  After 7 years of living in North Carolina, it was finally starting to feel like home so I am definitely so sad to leave. We’ve made some great friendships there and I’m heart broken but really excited for new adventures.  Sorry if we didn’t have a chance to say goodbye.  We basically packed up and left within two weeks of making the decision to move.


I’ll try to keep up my blog as best I can and share all of our adventures with you.  I can’t wait to take my boys to the red wood forest and all of the National Parks near by.  I’m also excited for the parks, beaches and all the things to do with kids that a big city offers.  I still can’t quite believe we are actually doing this!  I hope California is ready for the Allex clan!

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  • Jennifer Sherrill says:

    Wow! How exciting! We pulled into the neighborhood the other day and the twins said…we need to go see Ms. Allex! Good luck on your new adventure!

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