Preschool Activities: Theme 3: Pumpkins/Fall leaves

These last couple weeks our preschool theme has been all about pumpkins and fall leaves! Theme 1 was Apples and theme 2 was Room on the Broom.


1. Pumpkin bead bracelet

I picked out a bunch of orange beads from my stash of beads and found a green pipe cleaner from my Christmas craft bin. Sebastian strung on all the beads to make this cute pumpkin.

20161021_174717  20161021_175147

2. Pumpkin snack

I did a bunch of these for Sebastian’s daycare Halloween party.  Hint, if you make these, make sure you haven’t refrigerated the clementines first.  Having a cold, wet clementine makes the permanent markers not work very well.


3. Yellow Pumpkin, Yellow Pumpkin Book

One of Sebastian’s favorite books (and one he’s knows by heart) is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  I printed a Halloween version of this book and my favorite part at the end is where I put in a picture of Sebastian.  He got excited when he got to the last page and said “That’s me!”  He can now read this entire book to us.

img_5447  img_5453

4. Pumpkin Shape Matching

We have been working on his shapes the last couple months, so this was a perfect activity.  He completed this very quickly and did it 3 times in a row.  You may not be able to see in the picture, but I laminated this and put on velcro dots.


5. Pumpkin Painting

I love getting out the paints for Sebastian and should really do it more often.  Here we just painted a simple pumpkin.  I printed it on card-stock so it could hold up to the paint better.

6. Fall Tree Letter Matching

I did this with an apple tree in September and he really liked it so I printed out a fall version.


7. Thumb print tree fullsizerender-5  fullsizerender-6

8. Jack-o-Lantern Stamping

I carved a little jack-o-lantern face out of a half of a potato, mixed up some red and yellow paint to make orange and then let him stamp the jack-o-lanterns on paper.  Later I added little stems to each pumpkin.


9. Fall Leaf Memory


10. Pumpkin spice play dough and play dough mats.

I love making play dough for Sebastian and I think it’s much better then the store bought kind (much softer).  I made apple pie play dough in September and have plans to make gingerbread and snow play dough this winter. This pumpkin play dough smells so good!


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