Sebastian’s big boy camping room!

Sebastian was evicted from the nursery a couple months ago because soon a new little tenant is moving in.  That meant this summer was time to create Sebastian a big boy room.  I went through several themes in my head and finally decided on a camping themed room.  We’ve only gone camping twice as a family so far, but once the boys get older, we plan to go a lot. As a kid I grew up going camping out west (Rocky Mountains, Glacier, Yellowstone, Banff, etc).  We also camped a lot in locations closer to home in Indiana.  Here’s a little throwback photo for you.  I’m the little blond on the left.



After cleaning out the office, pinning a ton of things on Pinterest, making a camping inspiration board, gathering items from my parents house and some online shopping, it was finally time to get to work.  We finished his room before school started but I was waiting to get a few more finishing touches (like some pictures of Sebastian and a poster framed) before I did the blog post.  Since those haven’t happened yet, I figured I’d better go ahead and get what I have done on the blog. I’m also planning a few things as gifts for Christmas to add to the room.


I got this sign several years ago in Rocky Mountain National Park.  It’s the perfect sign to put on the outside of his door!



My mom and I made the curtains at the beginning of summer.  I bought the birch tree shower curtains from Bed Bath and Beyond and converted them into curtains.  We sewed black out curtain material to the back.  After painting the room white, we painted this mountain range.  You can find the tutorial here.

I found this rug at Target, and then even cheaper on  We love playing on this rug!  We pretend to ‘burn’ ourselves on the fire and drive trucks around on the rug pretending they are going camping.  Last night Sebastian was sitting in the water and after we asked him if his bottom was getting wet, he told us he was squishing the fishes.  Love his imaginative play!campingroom4

After a little bit of digging through bins in my parents garage, we found these old canteens we used when hiking and camping when I was little. I knew these would look great hanging in Sebastian’s room.  I’m thinking about cutting a slit in another canteen to make a piggy bank.  campingroom5

Before we started on the room, we made this mountain shelf.  I bought the cute little bear family from Hobby Lobby.


The dresser came from my parents house and so did the bear lamp and the camping stools.  That lamp was in my room growing up.  The boys just discovered last night that it also plays music.  The hamper actually goes in the nursery so I’m hoping to get this (pricey) hamper. Why does it have to be $50??campingroom7  campingroom8

I printed a bunch of free printables off Pinterest, grab some frames from my collection and had fun figuring out where to put them all.  The (cracked) paddle came with a canoe we bought several years ago.  I also left my computer, printer and desk in his room.  We have absolutely nowhere else to put it and I don’t use it nearly as much as I used to anyway.  I’ve found that Pandora’s classical music station has come in handy for a couple of naps where someone didn’t want to go to sleep.campingroom9  campingroom10

I ordered Sebastian’s pine tree sheets and blanket online from Target.  Once winter comes, I’m thinking about converting one of our old sleeping bags into a comforter.  My mom is also converting some old flannel sheets into twin size ones for once it gets cold.  On the dresser is a picture of a bear I took in RMNP, a lantern I bought and a piece of petrified wood Matt found near Bryce Canyon.  The pile of rocks probably came from our driveway…Sebastian likes picking up rocks as we are walking around outside. Below that I put out an old mess kit that also came from my parents garage.  Then I filled the rest of the bookcase with books!  I bought those bins (wash tubs) from dollar general to keep the books organized.

I love the sayings on these two printouts! campingroom12

We bought Sebastian’s twin bed from a local furniture store.

Sebastian is holding the bear I bought in Rocky Mountain National park.campingroom14

He loves his big boy room and often calls it “the best room ever!”campingroom15  campingroom16

Here is a pano of the room I took with my iPhone.




Red lantern

Birch tree shower curtains

Pine tree sheets

Pine tree blanket

Camping themed rug

Pinterest camping words printables

You are our greatest adventure printable

Happy Camper printable

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