Sebastian is 2!

Sebastian is finally 2.  I say finally because it has felt like my big boy has been 2 for a while.  He’s pretty tall and coordinated, he also talks A LOT.  He’s as tall as some of my friend’s babies who are now going on 3.  You can look back at his 1 year post here.


This past year with Sebastian has definitely had its challenges.  Sebastian took his first steps right at his first birthday and every since he got the hang of walking, I’ve barely kept up with him.  Last summer was full of chasing him EVERYWHERE…At the pool, he wouldn’t stay put for even a minute and we were chasing him all over the place.  He also started realizing he was a person and started creating his own ideas of what he wanted to do/eat etc. Towards the end of the summer I worried about his eating habits.  Everything I gave him ended up straight on the floor.  Also, in only a few months, Sebastian went from having 4 teeth at his first birthday to having 12 teeth by like September.  It was a lot of teeth in just a little time.


The end of the summer came and Sebastian and I had a week of hell with a daycare he only ended up going to for 3 days.  The last two days of that week left me scurrying to find a new one.  Luckily we found a great daycare but it was a hard transition for Sebastian.  He didn’t nap well the first couple months which left us with an incredibly whiny, fussy guy in the evenings.  Add to that the fact that he was sick every other week or so with colds, coughs, stomach bugs and fevers.  It was a rough transition.


BUT it has been so fun watching him grow and change and become this little person right before our eyes.  His communication went from a few words when he turned one to countless words, phrases and sentences.  He went from being this little baby to suddenly being aware of everything around him. He’s such a smart little guy and picks up on new things so quickly.  Watching him grow and learn has been my greatest pleasure of this year.  He is at an incredibly fun age. He’s able to do simple puzzles, still loves anything truck/car/plane related and still loves bath time.  He loves reading books and the amount of time he’ll sit and listen to books continues to get longer and longer.  He can sit through at least two Cat in the Hat books along with several different shorter book.  I love doing art projects and just wondering around outside with him.


For most of this year Sebastian has been a daddy’s boy.  When daddy is around, he is the only person Sebastian wants.  Over the last couple months this has been changing.  He now seems to want me more and I couldn’t be happier about it.  I love hearing him call my name from his crib in the mornings, or run to me for comfort.  He’s just the sweetest little guy and still loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses.  He also finally seems to be through the transition of daycare and is much happier and much more pleasant when he gets home.


On Sunday, I took him outside for his two year photo shoot, but ended up getting some of my favorite photos of him to date once we got back inside. I’m also loving the consignment sale sweater I found in the fall.




2 going on 12.



Always a ham.



These last two years have been the most fun 2 years of my entire life.  I definitely think having a kid is way more fun then being a kid.  I’m am so happy I get to watch (and help) this kid do life!

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