Girls Getaway Ideas {5 on Friday}

Before Christmas I shared my top 5 ideas for a romantic getaway.  Now it is time to share some ideas for a girls trip.  My friend’s and I have been talking about doing a trip for a while and I really hope we can work it out in the next year or two!

1. New Orleans

This would be a very central location seeing as we may have girls coming from the East Coast, the West Coast and the Midwest.  I really know nothing about New Orleans so we’d rely a lot on my sister Christie who has been there a couple times (and is great at vacation planning) to figure this one out. Source



2. Yosemite

This is probably my best friend Lizzie and my choice numero uno.  I’ve wanted to go here since before I could read (my parents had an Ansel Adams poster of Yosemite hanging in their house and it took me several years to be able to read what it said).  We would probably fly into Reno, rent a car and drive to some cute little A frame cabins.  Do a few hikes, take in the mountains, do some relaxing and enjoy lot’s of girl time.  Source



3. The Beach

I’d settle going to a beach anywhere.  North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, etc…  You see, us girls, we love the beach.



4. Fantasy place: Chichen Itza, Mexico

Okay, if we were made of money, THIS is where we would go.  My best friend studied geology in school, I studied Spanish, between the two of us, our group of girls would be set.  Maybe some day when we we all have a lot more money than we do now… source



5.  Santa Fe

“Dreams come true, yes they do in Santa Fe.”  I was looking for ideas and found this post and it seemed like a creative girls trip option.  Also, I’m sure my friends from childhood will appreciate the Newsies reference.



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