5 on Friday {Matt’s Birthday}

Matt and my birthdays have become pretty low key since we had Sebastian.  My birthday was a couple weeks ago, and Matt’s birthday was on Wednesday.  Our ideal birthdays have turned into just staying at home, cooking a meal for the birthday person and just enjoying family time.


1.  The gift

One of our big goals this past couple months is for us to stop spending so much money and to start paying down car and house debts.  So for Matt’s birthday, I found some cute (free) templates on Pinterest and printed them on card stock.  Then I grabbed a few jars from our canning bin.  I spent about $10 on the gift.  It’s cute, it’s clever and it’s yummy!  I gave it to him on the morning of his birthday so he would have something to get him through the workday.


I love you to pieces printable and I’m nuts about you daddy printable.  (These would also be great for Father’s Day gifts).

Also, an unexpected birthday gift, Matt became an uncle (and I became an aunt)!  We were expecting her this weekend, but she decided to come a few days early.  Welcome to the world Penelope Marion Brysch, we love you!


2. The card

Well, I should have stuck to what I’m good at…taking a great picture of Sebastian, printing it out and putting it on a card with a cute saying/hand print/scribble etc.  By the time I had the idea for a picture, it was already only a couple days before his birthday and I didn’t have the energy to get it together in time. Never fear, the idea will stay in my head for next time.   Instead, I found a cute card on Pinterest that included a hand print/footprint and had only 2 tries to get it right.  The footprint went okay, but the hand print was a disaster.  I abandoned the card halfway through.  Sorry, no picture.


3. The dinner

Matt just wanted to do something simple.  After Matt spent all night cooking and cleaning for my birthday while I watched the fussy toddler, Matt decided we should do something simple.  We made bbq chicken pizza.  This usually gets vetoed because if I’m going to have pizza, I’d rather have something more traditional, but I obliged for his birthday. We made the dough and cooked the chicken the night before so that we could spend more family on the day.  All we had to do was roll out the dough, throw the toppings on and put it in the oven.  It turned out perfect!


4. The dessert

Matt requested me to make him an apple pie.  We still had apples left over from the apple orchard and he’s been talking about pie since we got back. I’m not the best baker…in the past I’ve put salt where there’s supposed to be sugar and cannot decorate cakes/cookies to save my life.  So I got store-bought pie crusts, used my apple slicer/peeler, mixed up the sugar/cinnamon etc, and threw it all in the oven.  It turned out yummy enough…especially with some vanilla ice cream!  Disclaimer…Matt took it out of the oven too early (because the crust was golden brown)…even though it wasn’t bubbling like I thought it should be.  We let it cool for a while, cut into it and realized that it was not even close to being done..once again, we are not great bakers.  So we put it back in the oven and since it was already 8:30, we had vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate chips and saved the pie for the next day.

FullSizeRender (4)

5.  Sebastian

The kid was super fussy on my birthday.  He was just beginning daycare and was still working through the rough transition.  Luckily things have gotten better and for Matt’s birthday, he was much more pleasant.  Last weekend, Matt was out of town and I wasn’t looking forward to spending an entire weekend by myself with a fussy kid.  Luckily, he was great, back to his normal self.  Let’s just hope he stays this way for a while. That was a rough 3 weeks and probably the hardest transition we’ve had since Sebastian was born!  Anyway,I think Matt would agree that just being around this sweet boy is a birthday gift in itself.

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