Sebastian’s First Steps

It’s the slow season for photography and it has been really nice getting some much needed family time!  This spring I will start taking more client pictures again but for now, this blog is a great way to chronicle Sebastian’s firsts.


Speaking of firsts, Sebastian started taking his first steps the weekend before his birthday!  We finally got it on film today (a little over a week later).



Also check out the bloopers video!


Right after he started taking steps, I ordered some shoes from PediPed.  They were on sale for $29.00, originally $48.00.  I love them because they are softer shoes, but still have a hard bottom to them.  They aren’t as clunky as other shoes.  They are perfect for his first pair.  My mom got Sebastian a pair for Christmas that are a size bigger and will be great for this summer!



His shoes are just so stinking cute!  Yesterday, Matt took him outside for a wagon ride and walked (holding his hands) with him around the woods.  I didn’t get any pictures of them walking around the woods because I was inside working on picking new pictures for my website (coming soon).


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