My Family board book



I got the idea to make a “My Family” book for Sebastian from one of my friends (Jess) whose family is also all out of town.  It was his first birthday present from us.  I want Sebastian to have plenty of ways to ‘see’ his extended family.  I decided to make it a board book so it will last longer.  So far he stares very intently at the photos when I’m reading it and pointing people out.  I had planned on taking all the pictures myself over Christmas and during visits.  I forgot to take them over Christmas so for some of the pictures I just got off Facebook 🙂





Right now I have very formal names for most of the grandparents in the book.  I’m not sure if it’s what Sebastian will end up calling them or not…











In case you are wondering, I used the company pint sized productions.  It cost about $35 total after tax and shipping.  More expensive then your typical board book but so worth it!  I have a few more projects I want to make like this in the future (that I also am stealing the ideas from Jess) including a family memory game and family member magnets.

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