Sebastian’s First Bike

I bet no one thought Sebastian was old enough to have a bike yet, I know I didn’t!  All three sets of Sebastian’s grandparents are avid bikers.  For christmas, Grandpa BC got Sebastian his very first bike.  He is so good at riding it!


Here is a video of him riding it at Grandma and Grandpa Cassel’s after he opened it.


Here is another one when he was riding it a couple days later at my parents house.  He learned how to ride it very fast!  He can go forward and backwards!


It’s called a fly bike and the age range says 1-4 years.  Since Sebastian was taller then the average 10.5 month old, he was able to ride the bike at Christmas.


In case you are really enjoying yourself with these videos, check this one out of Sebastian and his uncles.  It’s adorable!  These two are going to make such great dads some day!  Sarah and Jennie, this is for you!

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