Sebastian 11 months



Sebastian, you continue to get more fun and life gets a little crazier each month.  This month, I have started to see some defiance, giving me somewhat scary glances into toddlerhood.  You will spit your food out, we’ll say “no” and give you a look and you will smile at us and do it again.  I have a feeling we are going to have our hands full!  We have to turn around so you don’t see us smile, because really, everything you do is the cutest thing.


Your third tooth has finally popped through on the top and the other one is really close (as shown in this picture). I remember not looking forward to teething, but I get so excited when I see your little teeth!  You still eat like a champ. You have yet to meet a food you don’t like.  I love when I can do almost a whole meal without giving you pureed food.  Such a big boy!  You still aren’t walking or standing without support, but you continue to get stronger and stronger everyday.  You’ll grab my hands and stand up to get me to walk with you.  I love how you squeal with excitement when we walk.


We had a great Christmas.  Sebastian, you were so spoiled!  You loved getting to see so many different people and got really good at opening gifts by our 4th Christmas.  I know next year will just be even more fun.  I’ve been having fun planning your 1st birthday.  Wow this year has flown by!  Soon we won’t be able to call you “baby” when talking about you anymore.


By the way, we had to burp a bunch to get this smiley shot.  He is all boy 🙂


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