Sebastian 10 months



I’m a couple days late on the 10 month picture, but it’s the suns fault, not mine.  This week, by the time we got home and took a nap, it was too dark outside.  I use window light for his pictures.  So it had to wait until the weekend.


The biggest thing this month is that Sebastian is getting closer and closer to walking every day.  He pulls up on everything, ottomans, bar stools, crib, mama’s leg, etc.  He also walks with our hands and every time we do it, he gets this huge grin on his face and makes happy noises.  He’s so proud of himself.  We let him lead us where he wants to go and it’s so cute to follow him.  He’s also eating more and more ‘real people’ food.  Anything that I can squish in my fingers (and is healthy…for the most part), he gets.  He has had a few bits here and there of gingerbread cookies 🙂


Sebastian has started to show signs of displeasure in things.  He will get a little mad when things don’t quite go his way, especially when he’s sleepy.  It’s giving me a tiny glimpse of what his terrible twos should look like.  But he is starting to understand things.  He definitely knows what ‘no’ means and is starting to obey.  Also he can understand simple directions like “go get your ball”…I think…or it could still just be coincidence.


We’ve been busy preparing for Sebastian’s first Christmas and starting new traditions.  It was so fun to pull out the Christmas ornaments we got last year when I was pregnant.  We have two ornaments with the words mom and dad on them, an ultrasound picture ornament and a blue ornament with the words baby Allex.  Sebastian will play with the ornaments closer to the ground but for the most part leaves the tree alone.  I’m so excited to have our little family of 3’s Christmas next weekend and then so many Christmas’ in Indiana and Wisconsin!


By the way, All Sebastian wants for Christmas is his two front teeth…

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