Sebastian 7 months

I’m feeling like super mom today.  I’m back into the swing of things (meaning very busy) with school, my photo business has been going strong and I am getting Sebastian’s 7 month blog post done on time!  Oh and my house is (mostly) clean.


Sebastian got his first tooth this month!  It’s the cutest and we’ve been enjoying that huge smile of his even more with that little tooth.  I choose this picture because it’s the only one I got that shows his tooth.  We keep waiting for the other one to come in, it seriously looks like it’s about to break through.  So far there hasn’t been any fussiness associated with teething.  Once again, he’s proving to be the easiest, best baby.  Sebastian, you spoil us.


The other big thing happening this month is Sebastian’s mobility .  He does this little arm pull and drag his legs behind him (sometimes using a little knee).  It’s not quite an army crawl but it’s very close.  He can really make some quick progress with this and enjoys batting his toys away and chasing after them.  He’s also starting to get better at going from sitting to laying on his tummy (doesn’t have to fall to get into position anymore).  He slowly leans forward until he’s on his tummy.  He will also get up on his knees a little and rock.  Crawling isn’t too far away!


The past couple days Sebastian has been saying momma a lot.  I’ve decided that this is his first word!  A momma’s boy already 🙂  We seriously couldn’t be any more in love with this kid.  It’s not humanly possible.


  • Aunt Sue says:

    Love your posts about your little man! What a wonderful personality he has already! Would love to hear him say momma! That has to be the most precious sound.I worried when I was pregnant with Jeremy that I couldn’t love him as much as I did L joe. Not so, it is the easiest thing to be soooo in love with your child and now with my grandsons! They are the light in my life and I smile more around them than at any other time. (except maybe around another baby)
    I know you are the best mommy and Matt & Sebastian are sooooo blest to have you in their lives! Love you! Aunt Sue

    • Rachael says:

      Thanks Aunt Sue! I just got a video of him saying mama, so I’ll have to post it soon. I definitely don’t know how I’ll love another child as much but I also didn’t know how much I’d love Sebastian until he was here so I know it’s possible. You never realize what mothers feel until you become one. It’s the most amazing thing. Can’t wait to see you guys at Christmas!

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