Sebastian 6 months


Sebastian has been here for half a year!  These past few months have been so much fun.  He hit a huge milestone this last month. (As you can see) he now sits up for several minutes unassisted, he also rolls around on the floor to get to things and has started trying to inch forward a bit on his stomach.  Crawling is right around the corner, Yikes!  He is interested in anything we have whether its food, drinks, a phone, paper and reaches out/grabs it.  He knocked over 2 full glasses of water one day when we met daddy out to lunch, little Stinker!


We started solids a couple weeks ago and boy it’s fun.  I’ve been making all of his baby food and I love it.  I’ve made puréed peas, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, apples and pears. He’s also had avocado and banana.  It’s hard to say which is his favorite food because he loves everything I have fed him. He’s a great eater and gets so excited about food.  It’s so cute.  He starts squealing when you put him in his chair, gets so excited and makes mmm sounds as he eats.


This past month especially I have been soaking up mommy and Sebastian time like crazy. I’m going back to teaching soon and I am starting to be okay with the idea.  I’m not going to like being away from him all day, but I’m looking forward to a new school year!  I always enjoy setting up my classroom and meeting my new group of students and parents.  I really am excited for a great year.  Sebastian will have fun with his babysitter who is just amazing with him. Oh my sweet baby boy, you couldn’t be more perfect!



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