Sebastian 5 months

Sebastian is growing like crazy and changing so much every day.  He rolls to his tummy just about every time you lay him down now…especially during clothing and diaper changes which is making those interesting.  He can push up when laying on his tummy with his arms and is starting to push up on his toes and knees a little…very beginning stages of crawling!  He is still talking and smiling up a storm.  He continues to insist on standing when on your lap which has now upgraded to jumping (Thanks Grandpa Allex!).  He loves people but is starting to get a tiny bit of a shy streak when he first meets you. He can definitely tell a difference between new people and people he is around a lot.  He is getting very interested in food and watching us when we eat.  I can’t wait until 6 months when we get to start feeding him purées!


This little 5 month old has done and see a lot.  He has now gone swimming a few times, went sailing, has been to the zoo, and seen fireworks and a symphony (with ear protection).   He has traveled to Indiana twice, the mountains in North Carolina, Cary several times to visit my sister, and is heading to Wisconsin in a couple weeks.  He is quite the jet setter already.  He has met and seen all three sets of grandparents a few times each and has met most of his aunts and uncles, he has met all of his great grandparents as well as my aunts, uncles and cousins.  He can’t wait to finally meet Uncle Peter, Aunt Jennie and Aunt Sarah in WI!

Every month Sebastian gets even more fun.  We’ve already started doing a few things to baby proof our house.  Once Sebastian is on the move, we have a feeling he is going to be all over the place!

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  • Aunt Sue says:

    Loved seeing you, Sebastian & Jennifer! Sebastian is such a ray of sunshine! When you see him or his picture, he makes you smile!

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